Cassandra Clare Interview on Reelz

This interview was posted almost a year ago on, but we think it’s such a great interview we’ll post about it now! If you haven’t already watched it, we’re going to strongly suggest that you should! In this interview, Cassandra Clare (we like to call her Cassie) talks about the City of Bones movie and its developement. The most important information in this interview, I think, is her opinion of the cast. Many die-hard fans are quite upset with the casting decisions so far, but just listen to what the creator herself has to say about it! You can really tell that she’s excited for her vision to come to life on the big screen, and so are we! We might have some doubts and worries, but who can deny that they want to see some sweet Shadowhunter butt-kicking action? I know I can’t!

To watch the entire interview click the link below!

Cassandra Clare Interview on Reelz

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