Fandom Nicknames

Hey Shadowhunters, Mundies, amd Warlocks (and also other magical/no-magical creatures)!

We have some questions for you guys. As you should know, you guys are the citizens in this fandom, and your participation is key if we want to make this fandom as rad as it can get. So, we think it would be cool if you guys came up with some nicknames for the TMI and TID characters. We’d refer to these characters by these names when writing posts or taking polls. (i.e. Cassie instead of Cassandra) We want these nicknames to be recognizable so that any new members of this fandom could easily understand who we’re talking about.

If you have any nickname suggestions, comment on this post with them. Post nick names for any characters you can think of! Just make sure they’re appropriate and that we’ll be able to understand who you’re talking about! Thanks guys!

The Fans are hard, but these are no ordinary Fans.


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