TID Manga and TMI Graphic Novel

As many of you might have heard, there will soon be a TID Manga as well as a TMI Graphic Novel.

I, honestly, wasn’t too psyched to hear this news. Because I don’t enjoy manga, nor do I like graphic novel adaptations of already published books. They usually kill my imagination. I’m confident that they will be great, though. Partially because if Cassandra Clare gave the okay, then it has to be a good idea. And partially because of the previews that have been posted already. tmisource.com (my personal favorite site about TMI and TID) will be posting, in three panels, the Clockwork Angel manga on ther amazing website. Yen Press will be including one chapter each month in their magazine until the manga’s release in December of 2012. If you want to see the first couple of chapters of the manga, go to tmisource.com this week and check out what they’re posting!

The TMI Graphic Novel is making me more nervous than the TID manga, because the illustrations that have been a little upsetting to majority of TMI fans (including me). Haven’t seen them? Well, here’s a little peek.

Some of the illustrations look rather awesome, but a lot of us are concerned with the way that Jace is depicted. What do you guys think?

The Fans are hard, but these are no ordinary Fans.


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