Clockwork Prince Playlist by Cassandra Clare on Mundie Moms!

So, back in November of 2011 during the 31 Days of Clockwork Prince Celebration, Mundie Moms (An amazing website, that you should all visit. We love Mundie Moms!) posted a two-part playlist that Cassie Clare herself put together for Clockwork Prince. I think we’d all agree that this is amazing of Cassie to do! There are playlists for Clockwork Angel and City of Fallen Angels, as well, that can also be found on Mundie Moms!

Cassandra Clare says this about the songs:

“The soundtrack for Clockwork Prince was a little challenging because I found that I was listening to songs about London, or that mentioned London, over and over, so I decided to do a soundtrack of just London songs. But of course there are a lot of songs about London (“London Calling”, etc) that while fine and dandy on their own didn’t really fit the mood or the narrative. So in the end these are the thirteen that I did pick.”

To read what Cassie says about each and every song she’s included, click on these links:



The songs included on this playlist are:

‘Cemeteries of London’ by Coldplay

Photo credit to Kara-Lija. A winner of Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Prince ARC Crafty Shadowhunter Contest.

Good Life’ by OneRepublic

‘England’ by the National

‘Winter Winds’ by Mumford and Sons

‘Welcome to England’ by Tori Amos

‘London Belongs to Me’ by Saint Etienne

‘Waterloo Sunset’ by Blur

‘London Bridges’ by Josh Rouse

‘London Skies’ by Jamie Cullum

‘London’ by Vanessa Carlton

‘London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)’ by Heather Nova

‘Under the Gun’ by The Killers

‘Wolves of London’ by Warren Zevon

You can read what Cassie has to say about each and every one of these songs, and get the direct link to the songs on iTunes when you visit the original posts on Mundie Moms! (

I, personally, think this an amazing and very accurate playlist. But of course it is! Look who put it together!

What are your thoughts?

The Fans are hard, but these are no ordinary Fans.


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