Tessa Gray: Case Study

I thought I’d steal an idea of yours Chantelle (Hope you don’t mind XD I’m in the middle of GCSE years and I’m losing the will to think for myself) and I thought I’d also do a little bit of analysing from the other side of the Cassie Clare pond :).


Tessa Gray (All pictures do not belong to me)

 Not unlike Chantelle with Clary, I myself am a huge admirer of Tessa Gray and I’d like to talk about why. From the very beginning Tessa faced hardship and adversity with such determination that I couldn’t hope to muster up myself. She had a hard life even when she thought she was a mundane, having lost her parents and then her Aunt, leaving her alone in the country. Moving to England to live with her brother, even though her travel there isn’t a major part of the story I still admire her for it, I mean how scary must it have been ? Think about it, travelling on a boat on your own for a long period of time whilst the boat is full of people you don’t know, travelling to a country you’ve never been to, then on arrival having to travel again with more unfamiliar people.

Moving on to the Dark Sisters’ house. I think a factor that definitely made a huge contribution to her mental strength throughout was coming to grips with finding out she had powers and in the way she did. Not only did that piece of information change her life forever but so would the way she was treated. Forced to go through excruciating pain every day, to change her form for the benefit of the two most vile people I’ve ever had the displeasure to read about (No offence Cassie, they’re awesome characters, I just REALLY hate them) . And what makes her even better is that she did it for her brother, having being told he was being kept by the dark sisters she persevered, I have a sister and I’d like to think I’d do the same for her but you never know until you’re in that situation and I personally don’t think many people would, not because they wouldn’t want to, but because they just couldn’t take that sort of physical, mental and emotional abuse. Also, she doesn’t let that change her for the worse, she doesn’t turn bitter and she doesn’t lose her faith in people.

Will and Tessa

Now to two of the most important characters Cassie has written; a certain Mr. William Herondale and a Mr. James Carstairs. I feel that these two have been major influencing factors in her progression throughout the books. And I’d like to just say no matter how much I love them there have been times when I really (I’m trying not to sound too violent) can’t deal with them. As we know they both love Tessa but I think it’s ridiculously unfair what they put her through, especially Will. Before I continue I’d like to make it clear that I understand that the way he acted couldn’t be helped, with his ‘curse’ and what-not but nevertheless being stuck between such amazing people must have been really hard for her (and still is). Will is battling something so hard and sometimes he just can’t control his feelings for Tessa but when he kisses her he crushes her again, giving her false hope, and in my opinion she’s been broken by him too many times. And James, he IS the sweetest person on this planet and when Tessa realises she also loves him I believe she is confused. So now her heart is torn, also, now she’s ENGAGED.

Now, being a big Will/Tessa fan I was torn when this happened, half of me was distraught (Literally, I screamed when I read that bit) and another part of me is overjoyed because I also love Jem and I think they both deserve this stability and happiness, but there’s your problem, there can’t be stability. Not while she still has feelings for Will, and now he’s admitted them to her I think they may be stronger, plus now she’s broken WILL’S heart and I’m not sure how he’s going to take this.

So, I think I’ll wrap it up here, I’ve started trailing off and I’m getting worked up over the whole love triangle. But anyway, how about I do another one of these ? It’s actually a great stress reliever. How about I do one on one of my all time favourites, Magnus Bane? There’s just too much to write about him 🙂 So, what do you guys think?


The Fans are hard, but these are no ordinary Fans. 


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