If Tessa Changed Into…

Hey fans! It’s Chantelle again! I’m here to introduce yet another new concept to you all that I’ll be starting here. “If Tessa Changed Into…” is going to be about Tessa Gray (our main character and heroine in The Infernal Devices) changing into other TID and TMI characters and what would happen if she did. Please note that these are all my own personal opinions/stories. These opinions are based on all I know, so please remember that I have read all TMI and TID books. I realise that this concept is broad, and this will allow for all types of “If Tessa Changed Into…” posts. They might be funny one week and sad the next. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THESE AREN’T MEANT TO BE 100% SERIOUS, SO SOME OF THE EVENTS IN THESE POSTS WILL SEEM OUT OF PLACE OR INACCURATE. ALLUSIONS, PUNS, WITTY REMARKS, RACY COMMENTS, AND ANACHRONISMS MAY BE INCLUDED.  If you have any suggestions on who Tessa should change into next, comment below or email us at thefandomtmi@gmail.com.


One gloomy overcast day, Tessa Gray sat reading in the Institute’s library. Will had disappeared the night before, Jem was practicing his violin, Jessie was nowhere to be found, Cecily was listening to Green Day and painting her nails “Demon Pox Red”, Charlotte was in the kitchen trying to stop those dreadful songs from being sung or heard ever again, and Henry was…to the surprise of none….working on his latest invention (a cool gadget that destroys metal things and also plays music and has a secret compartment that bakes cookies with voice command and recognition). Then, all of a sudden, a portal opened up in front of Tessa. She dropped her copy of Prisoner of Azkaban and pushed herself up against the back wall. Then, a man walked through the portal. Magnus? Tessa thought. He looked different. Wearing odd clothing and his hair looked absolutely ridiculous! But this couldn’t be the real Magnus! He must be some sort of Demon Magnus!

“Back, demon! Back! I banish thee!” Tessa yelled, her voice cracking. Demon Magnus just laughed. He started talking to Tessa with the same cool voice she’d known so well.

He told her to calm down. He explained that he had been having a Doctor Who marathon all day and decided to create a cool machine that allows him to travel through time and was better than a TARDIS. He said he was standing before Tessa right now because he succeeded in creating MATTCATTT (Magnus’ Awesome Thing That Can Also Travel Through Time). Tessa had no idea what he was talking about, so Magnus decided to say that he had the wrong place, and that he’d meant to go to the brothel. In reality, he wanted to see Camille. But the MATTCATTT reacts to the user’s thoughts, and he was thinking about Will. So it brought him here, to Will’s home.

After assuring Tessa he’d leave, he leaps into the portal. As he quickly disappears, a piece of cloth falls from the satchel he is wearing. Then he is gone.

Tessa realises that she was holding her breath, and exhales as she pulls herself from the wall. Then her eye catches the cloth that fell from Magnus. It seems to be some sort of shirt. It’s weird, though. It’s all black and cotton, with a v-neck and sleeves that only reach the elbows. Tessa knew she shouldn’t do it. She knew she’d regret it. She hated the feeling she got when she did it. But her curiosity got the best of her. She ran with shirt to her room in a flash and stood in front of the mirror as she held the shirt. She then closed her eyes and let the feeling take over her. She was changed.

Black hair fell over her forehead and tickled her brow. Her body felt different, male, muscular but not too muscular. She opened her eyes and looked into the mirror. Will? No, you can’t be Will. Who are you? she thought.

Alec Lightwood, she thought back, in response.

If Tessa Changed Into Alec Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments:

….She’d feel awkward

Not only because changing your gender completely would feel odd, but because this boy looked so shockingly similar to Will. She felt her skin grow hot and saw her cheeks turn red as she looked at his face and his…body. But this wasn’t Will. This was Alec Lightwood. He’s so beautiful though. She feels a little wrong for being in his skin. She starts to walk around and act like Will. Going on about Demon Pox and making vulgar comments about everything she could. She then blows a kiss to the mirror. To herself. Then she slaps her hand, Alec’s hand, on to the mirror as if to catch the kiss. As if Alec were Will, and Will were desperate for Tessa’s love. She liked this thought.

…She’d feel confused

Why did this boy who looked so much like Will, have the last name of Lightwood. These two boys don’t get along at all. So what’s this about? This could be nothing, and Tessa could be over-thinking it. No, this was no coincidence. The resemblance was uncanny. But HOW? What if Cecily and Gabriel….


…She’d feel like an intruder

After the initial shock of the appearance of Alec Lightwood, Tessa would dig into his mind. Trying to go as far back as she could in order to learn as much as possible. She saw a beautiful boy talking to Alec. A boy with blonde hair that Alec called Jace. She saw them talking to each other and laughing, She felt Alec’s heart race and stomach lighten as he looked at Jace. She saw Alec meeting a petite girl with frizzy red hair ad freckles. She saw Jace talking to this girl (whose name, Alec’s mind informed Tessa, was Satan) hanging on to every single word she said. Tessa saw Jace smile at Satan. Tessa felt Alec’s hate toward Satan. His jealousy. His love towards Jace. More memories flash behind Alec’s eyes, revealing secrets to Tessa. Jace and Satan are related. No they aren’t. Jace’s last name is Wayland. No, it’s Herondale. Herondale? She sees Alec’s beautiful sister Isabelle flirting with multiple men. Then she sees Alec meeting Magnus as a party of some sort. She sees them talking all night. Sees Magnus gazing at Alec, and feels Alec’s throat tighten and mouth become dry. She feels Alec’s hate for Satan (his mind now calls her Clary) start to fade as he thinks about Magnus more and more. She sees Magnus a lot. Magnus and Alec. . Singing. Smiling. Laughing. Kissing. Talking. Blushing. Being happy. She hears Alec’s thoughts. Magnus is perfect….Izzy’s a sleaze bag….Max is dead.

…She’d feel powerful

She’d get to see him in action. Fighting along-side his parabatai. Killing his first demon. She’d see that he’s an interesting ans strange boy. A sensitive boy full of love. A fragile, but determined boy. A forgiving boy. A boy in love. A boy people love.

Suddenly, Will bursts into Tessa’s room.

“Oh, sorry I thought you’d be in the libr…” Will begins, but his sentence trails of as he actually looks at her.

He stares.

She stares back.

“WOW,” Will finally says, “You look beautiful. What a sexy look! But, remember, when you change into me, put on some proper clothes so I look manly. And brush my hair, it looks ridiculous. Ridiculously attractive!”

Tessa rolls her eyes and lets herself slip back into reality. She changes back and slips into the chair next to the window, hold her forehead as it throbs. She can’t believe what she’s just gone through! She has so many questions. Who is Alec Lightwood? Jace Herondale? Why are they parabatai?

“That’s right, being me is hard work. You obviously had to sneak into my room to get something of mine to change into me. Do me a favor. Next time you’re in my room, come get me.”  Will says as he winks and walks out of the room.

Tessa smiles at the closed bedroom door. Will, she thinks. My Will.

Then he smile starts to fade.

No, not my Will. Just Will.


Thanks for reading, guys! Did you like it? Would you be interested in reading some more with different characters? What else do you think Tessa would see if she were in Alec’s body? Tell us what you think in the comments below. We’re always open to suggestions and advice! Got a character you want Tessa to change in to? Email us at thefandomtmi@gmail.com


The Fans are hard, but these are no ordinary Fans.


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