Questions About City of Fallen Angels, answered by Cassandra Clare

After reading CoFA, I think I can speak for all of us when I say that our emotions were going haywire. And so were our minds. We have so many questions to ask Cassie! So many things we  need to know. Trust me when I say, you aren’t the only one with these questions. And you definitely aren’t the only one feeling these things.

When I finished reading CoFA (finished it the day after it came out, my own personal record!), I sobbed for nearly 3 hours. That is no exaggeration. And I can say that nothing has ever made me cry that hard, except for the Harry Potter books and final movie. The cliffhanger has really gotten to almost everyone who’s read it. It gives me anxiety whenever I think about it. Now it’s almost February, which means City of Lost Souls will be released in less than 4 months. But even the title sounds….sad. Just plain old sad. I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for CoLS, but there’s no use. There’s really no way to prepare.

Many fans asked Cassandra about the cliffhanger, about why she did it. About why she ruined the happiness that Clary and Jace had at the end of CoG. And on April 21, 2011 she answered these questions on her blog. When I read the answers, my mind was satisfied. I was still sad, and still hungry for more, but satisfied. Some of the answers are just absolutely beautiful, and the fact that she takes time out of her day to actually listen to what her fans say makes me appreciate Cassie even more. If you haven’t read CoFA, please do not read this post on Cassie’s blog. The spoiler level is to the max.

I’d like to include a small part of my favorite answer in this post:

Will Jace and Clary get a happy ending? I thought they got their HEA at the end of COG and now I’m upset. 
Cassie: The key word of that phrase is ending. You cannot get a happy ending in Book 4, any more than Harry could have killed Voldemort in Book 4.

10 points to Cassie for that one! Of course, she does go on to answer this question with an actual….answer.

If you haven’t read this, Q & A, click here! And tell us what you think about Cassie’s answers!

The Fans are hard, but these are no ordinary Fans.


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