Cassandra Clare tells us the difference between Clary and Tessa

Cassandra Clare just answered a question on her Tumblr about her two lovely heroines, Clary and Tessa.

I have a question: What are the differences between Clary and Tessa in character, besides one likes books? I mean, they are both brave and, well, heroine-ly. 🙂

Well, yes, because you don’t really want to read a book about a heroine who is cowardly and slimy. I mean, maybe you do, in which case — well, I can think of books in which the heroine is evil or immoral (Wideacre, Vanity Fair) but not cowardly. Because cowardly people run away from action and conflict, and if your protagonist runs away from action and conflict, they do not do much protagging and it does not make for an interesting book. (“And as I hid in the basement, I was conscious that somewhere above me, exciting things were probably


So aside from the things that are obviously different about them, what’s different about them? 😛 All right, all right. I’ll say what I think some of their main differences are although — I also think the answers are there in the books, in the way they react to situations and the way they think.

1) Obvious differences of time period: Clary is a modern girl, has no trouble slapping a boy in the face for taking what she regards as an unnecessary risk with her safety, would be very confused to be told that women aren’t fierce/aren’t fighters/don’t get angry. Wheras Tessa is instinctively brave (it’s not like there weren’t brave heroines in fiction of the day, and her stabbing herself in the Sanctuary has a certain Bess-the-landlord’s-daughter thing going)  but she also initially recoils from the idea that women might have bloodlust, want revenge, be physically violent, etc.

2) Totally different upbringings — Jocelyn and Aunt Harriet were very different women to be raised by; Clary for all intents and purposes is an only child, Tessa has a brother, which changes the family dynamic enormously; Clary has a best friend who’s a boy, Tessa has pretty much no friends of either gender till she arrives in London; Clary has a strong father figure in Luke; Tessa has not father figure at all; Clary’s spent her life in school around other teens her age; Tessa’s spent her life in the apartment with her aunt, sheltered among her books. Thus they relate entirely differently to their peers……

To read the rest, click here! There’s a lot more to read!

Isn’t Cassie Clare just AMAZING for always answering her fans’ questions. And I mean COMPLETELY answering their questions.

The Fans are hard, but these are no ordinary Fans.

Found on ( Clockwise from left: Jem, Will, Magnus, Alec, Jace, Isabelle, Simon, Clary, Cassie, Tessa.(Art by Charlotte Mattey)

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