Fan Fridays!

@FayFay_ on Twitter shows her love for Jem Carstairs! Photo found on Cassie’s Tumblr (

Hello devoted fans! I’m here to introduce something we’re going to be doing here on The Fandom! Every friday we want YOU GUYS to submit things for us to post. We’ll post your articles, reviews, Shadowhunting experiences, fanfiction, and ANYTHING ELSE you want! This is all about you! We want to get to know you guys, the fans behind the computer screen. So write about yourself! Send in videos of yourself! Talk about how TMI and/or TID has impacted your life! This is The FANdom! Which means that the FANS are a crucial part of it! So, submit whatever you want! Your book reports, your funny stories, anything.

We like posting fan art and videos every day, but why not have something that YOU GUYS WRITE on the site, as well?

Send your submissions for Fan Friday to!

And if you have any art, photos, videos, or other media that is TMI or TID related, send that in too! We’ll post those any day of the week!

Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas for the site, tell us!

We REALLY hope that you guys will take advantage of this. We really want to get to know you guys!

The Fans are hard, but these are no ordinary Fans.


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