Character Analysis: Simon Lewis

The characters that Cassandra Clare has created are beautiful and in-depth and perfectly relatable. That’s why I’d like to give a sort of analysis of the characters from TMI and TID from my point of view. Please note that these are opinions, that doesn’t make them true, nor does it make them false. All opinions are welcome here on The Fandom! I will be dissecting some of the things the characters do and adding my opinion here and there. I have, indeed, read all the books so I understand the current situation and all the events that have occurred thus far. Please feel free to comment with any opinions you may have! Or shoot us an email at

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*****If you have not read all TMI books, please do not read any further unless you don’t mind spoilers.*****

Second Analysis: Simon Lewis

When we first met Mr. Lewis, he was the nerdy best friend of Clary’s. Part of a band that never played music, just thought of names. Went to clubs with Clary, even though he hated it, because he was a good friend. Then his life changed when his best friend was introduced to a different world. And he’s brought into it, as well. He meets Jace and Alec and Izzy. He learns about their world. I’ll admit that I loved Simon from the start, but his tagging along was extremely annoying. Then there’s the party at Magnus Bane’s place. He gets turned into a rat. Clary insists that they save him. You know the story. Then he confesses his love for Clary. And that’s when 96% of the TMI fandom started to hate Simon Lewis.

It didn’t come as a surprise, the hate. It really didn’t. I mean, who can resist Jace Wayland? But I felt for Simon. He loved Clary for a long time. I mean, a LONG time. And then Jace comes along. This extremely handsome, essentially perfect boy who Clary falls for…of course Simon’s going to be jealous. Jace could have been seen as serious competition in Simon’s eyes, but he wasn’t. Simon didn’t see Jace as competition because Simon didn’t see Clary as a prize. He was in love with her. Simple as that. And, even though she didn’t love him in the same way, he wanted her to be ultimately happy in the end. And Simon can see it. He see’s how happy Clary is with Jace. How much they want need each other. Plus, Jace saves Simon’s life in City of Glass. You can’t not like Jace. He’s Jace.

Then he changes. You know what I’m talking about. The whole “no pulse where there should be a pulse” thing. The “hungry for blood when I should want french fries” thing. The “I’m Simon and I don’t need glasses anymore because I have better than perfect vision” thing. When Simon changes from the mundane best friend of Clary’s, to the vampire best friend of Clary’s. You remember it. We all thought he was dead at first. I will be completely honest here, because I trust this fandom. I cried extremely hard in City of Ashes when Simon died. I cried so hard that I put the book down, ran a bath, emerged myself in the water for over an hour, cried some more, ate my weight in chocolate, then cried myself to sleep. I didn’t continue reading until the next week. It honestly hit me that hard. Then I found out Simon just become a vampire and I felt stupid (lol). I honestly feel like my reaction wasn’t only because I’m deeply in love with his character. You all should know, he is my TMI crush(along with Sebastian/Jonathan, but that’s another story…). I feel like it hit me hard because 1) I knew it would hit Clary hard. 2) Simon doesn’t deserve death. 3) He was the only familiar thing left in Clary’s life. The only one who didn’t keep huge secrets from her, or lie to her about her life. He was the only one she felt like she really knew. REALLY, REALLY knew. Plus, Simon just adds that nerdy sass to the series that is definitely a must(and greatly appreciated, Cassie).

Then we get this Mark of Cain business. No one can hurt Simon. He can’t die. He has to watch everyone who attacks him in City of Fallen Angels turn to salt. I mean, it’s obviously a good thing they died. But Simon didn’t know who they were. He might have felt responsible for their deaths. If I were Simon, I’d probably feel guilty about it. At least a little bit. Simon is cursed. Forever on his own, his friends will all die. And he will never die. He will never have a home. Obviously, being a vampire influenced his life. With his family being Jewish, he can’t even say God’s name anymore. Or walk into a holy place. And, of course, Simon doesn’t blame Clary for this. Even though she gave him the Mark. The Mark is just a sad subject all around. And the fact that Simon still functions “normally”, knowing what the curse means, astounds me sometimes. I know that if I were him, I’d be depressed for the rest of my life. But he’s strong. Even though he has the tendency to just not think to far in to the future. That’s another reason why he  isn’t as bothered by the curse as I would be. Then Camille reminds Simon that his friends will start to wonder why he doesn’t age in twenty years. Simon’s done what he can to stay away from vampires. Still wanting his normal life. But, does he need vampires? Without them, won’t he be completely alone for eternity?

Then, there’s Simon’s mom. Elaine Lewis. Poor Elaine Lewis. At first not believing what her son is saying. Then, after checking for his pulse, starts to fear him. Pray at him. Deny that he’s actually Simon. In the City of Lost Souls prologue, we witness Elaine treating Simon in way that just breaks our heart. She calls him monster. She denies him. Makes him leave her home. His home. (If you have not read the CoLS prologue, you can do so here.) This…this reaction from his mother. He fear of even being near him, breaks his heart. I think this is what really hits home. I think this is what hurts Simon the most. His own mother! It eats away at him. Hating who he’s become because his mom hates who he’s become. I think it stresses him out. He obviously isn’t giving up, though. He wants him mom to come around. And, we all know Cassie Clare, she’s a genius. There’s a reason why she’s doing this to Simon and Elaine. There. Is. A. Reason. Even if it breaks our hearts, it just adds to the story.

On to the whole ordeal with that guy. And by that guy, I mean te Simon who cheats on Izzy and Maia. Two amazing, beautiful, completely different yet both utterly appealing girls. This surprises me, honestly. That Simon does this. He just seems too down to earth to do this. I’ll admit, it did seem like it was a completely accident. He obviously didn’t plan to date them both. It kind of just happened. But that doesn’t change the fact that it did occur and that he let it go  on for as long as he did without even telling them. I lost a small bit of respect for Simon then. Not enough to hate him, but enough to make me want to slap him. I mean, I’m a girl. Us girls gotta stick together! I feel like he kept it from them for so long because 1) he was nervous about their reactions, 2) he’s extremely kind and doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and 3) he honestly thinks they’re both amazing girls. I think that Isabelle is great choice for Simon, though. They both have attitude, but a different kind of attitude. And Izzy really needs someone like Simon, in my opinion. Someone different from the guys she’s used to. Simon really is a sweet guy, despite his huge mistake. I hope Simon and Izzy work out. I really do. At first I thought they’d make a weird couple. I warmed up to the idea, though. And then it made sense to me. Honestly. Their relationship makes SO MUCH sense to me.

I think Elaine Lewis and her actions ar going to determine what Simon does in the future, to be honest. He loves her, and she thinks he’s a monster. He has Izzy and his friends and Clary, of course. But, nothing can replace motherly love once you know what it feels like. Simon is a very…intricate character in my eyes. Not as intricate as Jace, no. But, still. He’s not easy to understand. Though we’re started o see more of his actual personality. So many fans talk to me about how “Simon’s only characteristic is how nerdy he is”. I beg to differ. 100 times. I think each character is put together in a very realistic way. They’re all very believable. Including Simon.

Thanks for reading guys! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below! I love hearing your guys’ opinions! I’ll answer any questions and go more in-depth on any subject you want!

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