Happy Valentine’s Day From The Mortal Instruments Fandom!

The day is here once more! Valentine’s Day! No, no. Not Valentine Morgenstern, you silly willy!

The day of love.

Whether you have a special someone or you’re spending time with friends and family, I hope you have a great day full of love and genuine happiness! I’d like to thank you guys for visiting our page so often and leaving such great comments. The fans are really what keeps this fandom alive! The first post on TMI Fandom was on January 12! That means we’re already in our second month of running this site. It doesn’t seem like it’s even been a week. You are all amazing and I can’t think of a better fandom I’d like to write for. So, have a nice Valentine’s Day guys. And…uh…stay safe haha.

Also, check back later, Cassandra Clare will be posting a deleted scene from between Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess that includes Jem and Will talking about their friendship! Squee!

Don’t forget to take the newest Fandom Quiz! See who YOUR Fandom crush is and get a crush card! Click here to take it. And share it on your social networking pages so your friends can take it and compare!

Here’s mine (lol):


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