Fan Fridays: Fay

By the angel, where do I start in telling of my love for the TMI books? Geez. Well I only heard of them back in August, but read through all 4 books within 3 days. Had me some crazy loving for Cassandra Clare from that moment. What an amazing woman.

The characters are so well developed, and I can honestly say I love all of them. Simon, of course, being my all time favourite. His sexy vampire mojo is too much to handle but I’ll forever hold his hand.

The ships are absolutely off the radar, and there really are no comparisons to the cheeky dirty sexy scenes Cassie slips in.

I have a countdown going on for the release date of City of Lost Souls. I’m really really scared for it though, if I’m completely honest. I have no idea what’s going to happen, and I almost don’t want to find out.

AND I WANT SOME MALEC LOVING! Seriously! I need some Malec!

I think it’s safe to say, I have a teeny tiny obsession with this series….

Okay, maybe a HUGE obsession with this series. I’ve even gone to the extreme of getting some rather sexual Marks tattoos. (see photo on right)

I could seriously ramble on about how much I love everything in this series, but I should probably stop now. I’ll only give you a headache 😛


Fay (


Sweet tattoos, Fay! We love fans like you!

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