Why Will Herondale Hates Ducks!

Will Herondale Never Trust a Duck

By AngryFish96 at DeviantArt

Out of all of Will Herondale’s strange affinities and prejudices, perhaps his most amusing is his sheer distaste for ducks!

Up until now, all readers knew was that Will and Jem has once fed poultry pie to ducks in Hyde Park in an attempt to breed a race of “cannibal ducks”, but that hardly seems a reason to hate them.

To better explain why Will hates the ducks so much, Cassandra Clare wrote a short extra that fits into Chapter 9 of Clockwork Angel, “The Conclave”.

Why Will Hates Ducks: A Clockwork Angel Extra

After reading…

You may question exactly what it is that Ella said to the duck to get it to stop coming around. According to Cassandra Clare, we’ll never know because she thinks it’s best to keep some things up to the imagination. Any theories?


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