Which Downworlder Are You Most Likely To Befriend?

With the release of City of Lost Souls only ten days away, the Internet is buzzing with all sorts of cool fandom stuff!

For instance, ever wanted to find out which Downworlder would be your best friend? Just refer to this awesome little game by Anna Korlov! Playing is simple: Click on the flashing image and pull it aside while still clicking down to reveal which of Cassandra Clare’s many popular werewolves, vampires, warlocks, or faeries you would befriend!


3 responses to “Which Downworlder Are You Most Likely To Befriend?

  1. This book is amazing,normally a 13yr old is out doin stuff’s wit her friend but im reading these book’s and sharing them.With all the eye’s of my pier’s in class on me when im reading all i can do is tell them how amazing it is to be able to read these book’s.I can’t wait for the movie’s, ill be at the midnight showing lol:)
    Always and forever

  2. The stories cut very close to home.
    Iv lived these books before i could walk. Iv always known the world was far more crowded than what people think.
    And although thse books are not a direct translation of the world that which I speak of, its still a good reminder and bridge.

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