In a Few Hours…City of Lost Souls

Relationships will be tested
Hearts will change
Characters will be rediscovered
Motives will be revealed
Friendships will fall apart
People will risk everything
And Sebastian will burn down the world.

Are you ready to have your heart broken, your emotions rung out like an old rag, your favorites defeated, and your hope go on a rollercoaster ride? My copy will be uploaded to my nook at midnight California time. I for one don’t know if I am ready! I have heard several interesting theories lately that I will be keeping in mind whilst reading. As soon as I finish I will *without spoilers for a week or two* post my opinions and new theories and observations. I have also been looking into connections between TMI and TID and have a big blog post on that that I think y’all will love. Looks like an all nighter is about to begin for me! I have two more chapters to finish up of my reread of CoFA and then I read CoLS all night. I will be bookmarking, highlighting, and taking notes on my nook, so feel free to send me any questions,comments, theories, or concerns to my special fandom email: *for spoiler reasons I will not check this until I finish the book, at the latest, on Wednesday. I will respond personally and ask permission to post about commonly asked questions*  Have a great book release day and God bless! ~Kim


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