Fan made ‘City of Lost Souls’ book cover

Here’s an amazing book cover that deviantART user Clabrice made last year. This was before the actual cover was released. We think this is really well done. And I wouldn’t mind seeing Izzy and Alec on an actual cover, to be honest. (:

From the artist:

This is my fanmade cover of Cassandra Clare’s “City of Lost Souls”, which will be released May of next year. I just always wanted to make a cover for this series so I finally gave it a shot.

This is based on the new cover style and I used the cover of “City of Fallen Angels” as inspiration. God so much editing! I couldn’t find the right font for the life of me so I had to find something similar. And of course I had to mess around with the “of” to get it to look like that. The base is the promo cover that has already been released but I added the picture of New York at the bottom. Had to add the red oval too. Honestly the easiest part about this was the swirling lights. The runes were easier than expected too.

The characters here are supposed to be Alec and Isabelle. We have Alec all bundled in a black sweater- Then we have Isabelle looking sexy and confident in a cocktail dress. I have no idea who I actually used as the characters because I couldn’t find names but I just thought they were more or less perfect, though I still had to edit their appearance a bit. All I had to do for Alec was make him paler and make his sweater darker but with Isabelle I had to make her paler, make her hair black, add lipstick, I even bothered to add her trademark ruby necklace. (I think it’s a nice reference to the Morgenstern family necklace on the CoFA cover). Also added what is supposed to be her whip, coiling around her arm and around her left wrist. I wasn’t thinking about doing it at first but I thought “Hey! It’s Izzy”, so I went ahead. Luckily it came out pretty cool, or so I think :P

It’s very… dark. But the title is “City of LOST SOULS” so I figure it fits and am not too worried about it. All in all I’m actually very proud of my work here.

EDIT: Turned out to look nothing like the official cover but you know what? Still happy with it XD

/Mortal Instruments belongs to Cassandra Clare

I’m absolutely in LOVE with this cover. Even though I love seeing Jace and Clary on the actually cover, this one is nice, too. And that purple color adds a nice touch. It really hints at how dark the book is. Also, nice job with adding Izzy’s necklace. It’s so great when fans pay attention to detail. 🙂 A+!


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