IMDb you’ve done it again!

If you have looked on the City of Bones IMDb lately you would have seen that they have put an actor to Alec. IMDb has listed the actor Chris Riggi as Alec. However I haven’t been able to find any information on any other website or blog that would even hint that Alec has been cast, never mind give an actual name. So do you think this is completely false, just a rumor, or the truth?


5 responses to “IMDb you’ve done it again!

  1. I hope it’s just a rumour. I do not see Chris Riggi as ‘Alec’. Not in keeping with character description, lean, pale, blue eyed. Chris looks too mature. Perhaps Simon but still I have my doubts.

  2. On his twitter he confirmed that he auditioned for the part of Alec but there is no confirmation that he actually won the role or not. I’ve read that anyone who is a member of IMDB can update some of the info so the “confirmed” casting might not be accurate 🙂 I can sort of see him in the role though.

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