I know we have been talking a lot about the movie lately, but with no new information for another week or two, I thought I would toss out some opinions about the epilogue of CoLS. There are several different “scenes” in the epilogue, and I will try to touch on each. Okay spoilers start… now!

So first we have Jace.  Jace who was just stabbed now wakes up only to find that he is, in fact, glowing. I don’t know about you, but that would freak me out a little. Or maybe a lot. Then the poor boy has to be basically what can only assume is close to interrogated by the Silent Brothers, which, by the way, are one of the only things that freak him out! (Besides maybe ducks. ) So then, I think it is the sweetest thing that he practiced the speech in front of the mirror… I really don’t think he was joking! Poor guy has to be careful of touching his girlfriend… you can throw Paris and the club out the window. But he comes back sweet and cocky and sarcastic as ever. What is not to love? If I were Sebastian, I would be afraid.

Then there is Brother Zachariah. Short and sweet, I have thought for a while now he was Will Herondale, but I know now! If he knows so much about that family, loved two people so much… I just want to throw a duck at him to test the theory! Haha or… what if Cassie just wants us to think that so she can throw in some crazy plot twist in Infernal Devices, and it is Jem, not Will? Ugh! Okay until someone gets me a duck… I guess I won’t know.

Then… we have Alec. I was so proud of him and Magnus throughout the book. They made it through so much. And then, the break-up. The sad thing is, Magnus really did not want to do it. He said he still loves him. Honestly though, I am on Magnus’ side; that is not Alec’s choice to make. I do not have the slightest clue how they will get on without him. He kinda does the first step for everything.  EVERYTHING! I guess we wait and see.

Okay, glad Camille is dead, but Maureen is kinda… um.. psychotic little girl.

I am coming.

Okay so what are your thoughts? My book is all highlighted for a few different posts I’m planning. Backround for TDA, Church the cat, connections from TMI to TID, and much more. E-mail me at tmitalk.fandom@aol.com for questions, comments, or requests!


2 responses to “*SPOILERS* CoLS EPILOGUE

  1. Okay! For the whole Brother being Will, that is what I thought!!!!!!!!!! Never thought of Jem, though! But Jem doesn’t have any family left does he? Because the main character in the new series is Emma Carstairs so if that is his great great whatever, he would have become a silent Brother after he had kids. But he might not even be the brother! Nor Will!

    For the part early in the book wher e Calry asks if she got that thingy where babies get marked so demons get hurt them or something, instead of the the Iron Sisters and Silent Brothers, her mom said it was Magnus and a femal warlock! Could it be Tessa?!

    And who is Magnus’ neighbour who leaves him notes and such? My first thought was Tessa.

    And for all we know, Tessa could be in the series the whole time! She can change shape and into people!
    she could be the Brother for all we know!

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