City of Lost Souls – Sebastian

*****Warning Spoilers********

I only recently finished City of Lost Souls and I thought it was amazing. Even though there was a lot going on in the storyline. I want to talk about the baddie of the book, Sebastian. Now I must admit that being a book junkie I love a good villain to get the story going. So reading the book I found Sebastian was an amazingly written character  that seemed to make your blood turn to ice.

When we were first introduced to Sebastian as a villain during the end of City of Glass we all thought he was pure evil and demonic. Especially when we found out that he kissed his own sister and killed a little boy in cold blood. I find it safe to say that we were all glad when Jace killed him.

Then, I find it embarrassing to say that during the first part of Clary’s stay in the Apartment with Jace and Sebastian during City of Lost Souls, I doubted Sebastian’s evilness. Especially when he saved Clary from the demons in Paris. Oh, how wrong I was. Although there were little hints as to his true nature, I thought that you could see he wanted more from Clary than just a sister and then the meeting with Meliorn revealed a little as well.

Then towards the very end we completely see Sebastian’s true nature, and I hope I wasn’t the only one with tingles through my spine and with blood that had turned to ice when this happened. Sebastian looses his cool, calm boy facade and you quickly hate him for everything he is and has done. You get to see Clary in Shadowhunter mode and Sebastian’s twisted idea’s about Clary and the world. I shuddered when he licked the blood off her cheek.

Sebastian may be some evil demonic thing that we all hate but he makes a great Bad Guy for a great story. I can’t wait for City of Heavenly Fire to see what Cassandra Clare and Sebastian will have in store for us next.


8 responses to “City of Lost Souls – Sebastian

  1. I felt a little sympathy for Sebastian too in the beginning……Later though I was hitting my head against the wall for it! I hate him now more than ever!

  2. I don’t know why but it’s hard for me to despise him. I mean of course he has a twisted mind and is evil , but I can’t.
    I absolutely loved every scene with him in this book. He really seemed to have changed and then in the end…
    But what I have to admit( you ca hate me if you like :D) that thing with Jocelyn, I can understand that , shouldn’t a mother love her child no matter what? He got that point when they met.
    I really never liked Jocelyn. Also in terms of clary.Nah! I don’t know. Would love to read a book about Valentine,Stephen and the rest of them when they were young though.

    • I TOTALLY agree with you, it’s hard for me to really hate him…i think is because it’s such a good villain and i found him more interesting than Valentine. He has that mystery air and then he shows his true nature

  3. I’m not sure about everyone else but I believe that one of the reasons why we or at least I hate him is because we felt sympathy for him and thought that he might not be so bad. Then it turned out he was evil which felt like a sort of betrayal to us in a way.

  4. I have noticed that there are fans that think he will become a good person in the end. IMPOSSIBLE!! He had his humanity burnt out of him when his poor excuse for a father gave him that demon blood! That is the only thing that makes me feel a LITTLE bad for him! Other than that, I HATE him! I have brotthers, and I can promise you that NOT ONE OF THEM have ever felt anything sick and twisted with me, that Sebastian/Jonathan feels toward Clary! IT’S DISGUSTING! But, if I were to say who I feel the most hatred for, that would have to be VALENTINE! If it wasn’t for him, I think Jonathan would have been a really good guy! VALENTINE is to blame for EVERYTHING!! BASTARD!!

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