In Less Than A Fortnight

A few days ago, it was announced that there will be an announcement (yes, you read that right) in two weeks on who’s going to play whom on the upcoming Mortal Instruments movie.  So, now we can say that it’s less than two weeks, but of course, it still feels like forever considering how long we’ve already had to wait since we’ve had the two main characters already casted for-like-ever!

Anyway, here’s what the Examiner had to say about it:

  • Lily Collins has read with potential actors for Simon and Magnus
  • The casting director and director know who they want for Simon. It’s now just a matter of verifying his schedule.
  • The role of Isabelle has been narrowed down to eight actresses. (Please note that this information can change quickly)

I’ve also been searching around and found that actor Chris Riggi is still listed on IMDB to play Alec, however, there still hasn’t been confirmation by the studios on this.  It’s always best to wait until confirmation is announced by the studios for this sort of thing, anyway.

What’s interesting is that the person who the casting director and director want for Simon seems to have a scheduling issue.  So, who’s working on something right now that may have to juggle things around so he can be in this movie?  Let your minds wander a bit, but I guess we’ll find out in less than a fortnight!



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