Interview: Cassandra Clare talk about ‘City of Lost Souls’

Here’s an awesome interview, which is only available thanks to Zoë Marriott of The Zoë-Trope!

In this interview, Cassie answers questions about City of Lost Souls. There are spoilers, though. So, if you haven’t read the book yet, I wouldn’t advise checking it out just yet! Here’s a part of the interview that isn’t spoiler-y, though!

Z: Have the series and characters turned out as you expected them to – or has anything developed along the way that surprised you?

CC: Definitely some things have surprised me, mostly in terms of characters that I never expected to come to the forefront as much as they have. Magnus for example – he wasn’t originally designed to be that important of a character. I always knew that he was going to date Alec, or at least be instrumental in Alec’s coming out, but their relationship kind of evolved organically and he’s taken on a bigger role. Simon certainly has a much bigger role than I originally envisioned!

Z: So not changes in your plot then?

CC: There really have been no changes to plot, nothing’s happened to the story that astonished me. Everything that was supposed to happen in the first three books did, and then for the second series I always knew that Sebastian would be the villain, that he would come back. He’s an interesting character to write about. So I would say that basically the place you start out stays the same and the place you finish stays the same, but the way you move between them can change.

To read this entire, amazing interview. CLICK HERE. Trust me, it’s worth checking out. Cassie always has the best answers.


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