Relationship advice for the guy’s part 2

Ok, so I have given my advice to Simon, Jace and Sebastian. Now I’m going to do the other guy characters. It’s time for part 2 where I address some of the others who might need advice!

Alec – Your situation with Magnus being immortal and you being mortal is a bit of a problem. You just need to remember to trust Magnus. You know that he loves you and would doing almost anything for you. Just remember if you are trying to find a way to be with him then there’s a good chance he is too!

Magnus – I like your sparkly style Magnus and your love for Alec is inspiring. However even you have noticed that things between you and Alec aren’t right. It might be hard for you but I believe that if you talk to Alec about your past then he might trust you a little more. I think that since he doesn’t know who you were in the past he’s a little dubious as to who you are in the present.

Luke – I loved your story of the everlasting love for a girl who you did everything for but didn’t know how you felt. Not realising how she felt the same way for many years. Then in the end you found out that you loved each other and soon after became engaged. I just one little tip for you, tell her how you feel a little sooner! A wise person once told you that it’s better to tell them when the moments wrong then never tell them at all. She was right, just remember that for future reference.

That’s all for relationship advice for the guys of The Mortal Instruments. If you want me to do some for the Infernal Devices just comment below and tell me!


One response to “Relationship advice for the guy’s part 2

  1. Infernal devices

    Jem- you may be sick and in love with tessa butbyoure not blind!! You know she loves will. She loves you too but more as a friend. I think you should break off the engadgement and let tessa be with will. Theres plenty of other girls out there that would love you just dont be afraid to tell them how you feel

    Will- i know that finding out tessa and jem are engaged really hurt you, but tessa loves you A LOT. And i know all your hard work looking for the demon to remove your curse seems pointless right now but DONT GIVE UP just yet!!!! You never know what will happen, and like i said tessa really loves you A LOT!!! And PLEASE dont do anything stupid
    Henry- try to spend less time on your inventions and more time on your wife PLEASE!!! She really loves you
    Gideon- take good care of sophie she really likes you

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