Serious Stuff – *Spoilers* for CoLS

********** SPOILERS END OF COLS **********

*** This is based on personal opinions ***

Okay, so I have heard a lot of speculation on the most intense scene from City of Lost Souls. A lot of people thought that Sebastian becoming violent and then attempting to rape Clary was going too far for a YA book. Some just thought it was unnecessary while others argued that it was unrealistic. I disagree with all of that! Based on the things that Clare had been writing on previously, it was nothing that was unexpected content wise. As far as unnecessary, I think that that one scene brought so much depth to Sebastian that he was lacking as a character before. As a writer, this is something that you crave your characters to have. The author understands the motivations and reasons for everything, but the reader needs it all laid out. Sebastian would be rather stagnant as a character without this outburst. He was almost likable after his stroll out with Clary, and then this brought the reader to a screeching stop at reality. Now for the unrealistic side… the only unrealistic part is when Clary becomes a total ninja out of nowhere!  I can speak first hand that it was far from unrealistic. The scene was much appreciated by all who have been in a situation like Clary has. It was hard to read and very emotional, but seeing peoples reactions were priceless.

I am very interested to see how everything with Sebastian turn out. I think there is a lot of potential there in that character. I can’t wait to see how it goes! What are your opinions on the scene? Email me at tmitalk.fandom@aol.coom with ideas for post or questions on the books!


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