‘City of Bones’ starts filming in two months!

Are you guys excited? Because we are. Those of you who have been fans for a while will understand why it’s such a big deal that filming is actually starting; it seemed like it was never going to happen. Currently, we only know for sure that Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower will be playing Clary and Jace in the film adaptation of  City of Bones.  But we’ve been told that casting information will be coming any minute now (well duh, filming is starting soon). Apparently, the role of Simon Lewis has been cast, but we haven’t been told who it is yet. The casting director, Stephanie Corsalini, and the producers are now working out his salary and scheduling.

We know that many, many, many actors have gone out for the role of Magnus Bane, so I think that’s who I’m most excited to see get cast at the moment. What about you? Who are you most anxious to see cast?

Remember, that you guys can check back here for the casting news that will be coming very soon here.

61 more days!


2 responses to “‘City of Bones’ starts filming in two months!

  1. I cant wait to see who plays simon magnus and alec!!! I love this series but i was rely disappointed when i found out that jamie campbell bower was playing jace and not alex pettyfer. I hope they do good on this movie!!

    • Yes,we can’t wait to see who gets cast either! Don’t worry, many people were initially upset over casting. But the truth is that Jamie is an amazing actor and I think he will do well. You should check out some of his acting! He was really great in ‘Anonymous’. 🙂

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