UPDATE: Mundie Moms to host LIVE CHAT with Cassandra Clare – June 28

Hey guys! Guy what? Mundie Moms will be hosting a live chat with Cassandra Clare on 6/20! Cassandra Clare will answer some fan questions. Mundie Moms has advised that this will be a COLS SPOILER chat, so if you haven’t read City of Lost Souls yet, don’t join in! Now, if you want Cassie to answer one of your questions, you’ll need to click on the Mundie Moms link below and submit your question BEFORE the day of the chat. There are so many fans of TMI that it will be hard for Mundie Moms to read all of your questions. They won’t be accepting questions the night of the chat. And please remember that there are a lot of fans with questions, so there’s a possibility that your won’t get answered.

Make sure you check in on the chat, which will start at 8 pm CST/ 9 pm EST on June 20. Mundie Moms has said that it will be a COLS spoiler chat, but if they have time they will ask questions about Clockwork Princess! And if you can’t make it to the live chat, don’t worry! Mundie Moms will be posting the entire transcript in their forum!

CLICK HERE to read full details on the chat, submit questions for Cassie, and to sign up for an email reminder for the chat!

UPDATE:  This chat was originally scheduled for June 20th, but has now been pushed back one week to June 28th.


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