Tessa in London 2007

We have all had a lot of excitement with all the Clockwork Princess snippets and teasers lately. Well prepared to be even more excited  as Cassandra Clare has reveled the title of the epilogue for Clockwork Princess. It’s…

London 2007

Personally, I’m really curious  to see what Tessa will be doing in the time of the Mortal Instruments. It also opens up a lot of questions. Will she appear in City of Heavenly Fire? Will she have a blast from her past and meet her beloved Will’s ancestor Jace? I guess only time will tell!


2 responses to “Tessa in London 2007

  1. That…..
    That is…
    That’s just….
    Cassie Clare is so amazing at tormenting us!

    Tessa is the girl who Mangus is talking to in CoG right?
    And Tessa is kind of foreshadowed alot.


    I love Tessa ♥

    • Yes, it is Tessa that Magnus is talking to at the end of City of Glass. Cassie Clare confirmed it!

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