Couples Mix and Match

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Jace and Tessa started dating or Will and Clary. Well some fans have so Cassandra Clare gave us a taste of what these ships would be like. She also answers the question of what Isabelle and Jem would be like together. I have to say the results are interesting….


Tessa: Have you read this latest novel? It is my favourite!

Jace: No. I was polishing my latest gigantic weapon.

Tessa: a fine pastime for a gentleman, to be sure, but what do you do with your leisure time, sir?

Jace: More killing. My job is my hobby.

Tessa: I am not dressed for such activities.

Jace: My sister Isabelle could lend you an outfit.

Tessa: Is that your sister? I thought she was a prostitute.


Will: Ducks! Confound all ducks!

Clary: Are you all right?

Will: Lo, for a duck is man’s greatest enemy. You know I hate everyone, don’t you? Don’t get too close to me, or it will be your ruin.

Clary: You seem to be fond enough of that silvery-haired guy.

Will: My love for Jem passes your mere understanding.

Clary: So you’re gay, right? That’s okay.

Will: No one has ever suggested I was overly merry before. Have you read Tale of Two Cities?

Clary: For school. It was boring.

Isabelle/Jem: worst pairing EVER.

Isabelle: What’s up with you exactly?

Jem: I play the violin and I’m dying.

Isabelle: That seems dull.

Jem: *expires*

I think that maybe these charaters should stick with their current partners from their own series. What do you think?


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