Character Profile: Jace Herondale ( Wayland/Lightwood/Morgenstern)

Hey fandom! I thought it would be fun to start a character profile for all the different lovable, and even sometimes, crazy characters that are the Mortal Instruments. Who better to start with than the sexy, witty, soft, badass that is Jace!

Name: Jonathan Christopher Herondale

A.K.A: Jace, Jace Wayland, Jace Lightwood, Jonathan Morganstern

Age: 17

Species: Nephilim

Looks: tall, muscular blonde who loves his leather jacket and jeans combo. Jace has the body that will make any girl, and even some boys, swoon. His golden-green eyes can stare straight into your souls until you melt. Oh, ad he is left handed… thought you ought to know. (Leftys represent! Haha)
* “Clary turned instant traitor against her gender, “those girls on the other side of the car, they are staring at you.”
Jace assumed an air of mellow gratitude, “of course they are, I am stunningly attractive.”
“Haven’t you ever heard that modesty is an attractive trait?”
“Only from ugly people,” Jace confided. “The meek may inherit the earth, but for now it belongs to the conceited, like me.””
-City of Bones page 73

Personality: Can you say smartass? In every chapter of every book, you can find some kind of snide remark or sarcastic comment from Jace. Most people don’t see far past that, but his parabati Alec knows just how soft Jace can be. In City of Glass, we see how protective Jace is of the ones he loves when he blows up at Clary for making a portal to Idris after he warned her not to. Jace yells about her recklessness and how she endangers herself. It is easy to see in times like this that Jace is more than just a bad boy with a great sense of humor. Our fearless boy will always be number one!
*”I have always heard the word fear, I just choose to believe that it doesn’t apply to me.”
– Jace in City of Ashes

Jace’s Story: ***SPOILERS*** Jace has a thousand and one last names because his background is so twisted that even he is still trying to figure it all out. In “City of Bones, it is told that he believed that Michael Wayland was his father, but when he died, he was unofficially adopted by the Lightwood family. Alec became his brother and his parabatai. Soon he fell in love with a girl named Clarissa Fray. Only her real name was Clarissa Morgenstern. Jace then discovers that his last name is also Morgensternat the end of the first book. Alas, Jace and Clary are brother and sister. As the two young lovers try to decide how to handle the news, it is realized near the finish of “City of Ashes” that Jace is actually a descendant of the Herondale family (that explains why he hates ducks). How did he get there you may ask.  Valentine took Jace as his soon and raised him after staging his and his real sons death. He took the alias of Micheal Wayland, and raised Jace to be an intelligent and emotionless fighting machine. (Falcon story, “City of Bones”) When Valentine realized that someone knew he was still alive, he once again faked his death, (I thought faking your death once was a lot!) leaving the Lightwoods to raise Jace. But that is not the end, Jace’s mother, Celine Herondale, was having her food tampered with by Valentine when she was pregnant with Jace. He was putting angel blood in her food, causing Jace to be somewhat angelic. When Jace’s father died, his mother was believed to have committed suicide. Valentine then took Jace with the help of Hodge. (Did you follow all of that? If not, check back with “City of Glass”) Valentine does have a real son though: Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern, who we meet in “City of Glass”. Yup, the have the same name. Jonathan comes into the story and pretends to be a friend of the Lightwoods, Sebastian. (He will be referred to as Sebastian from now on.) Sebastian plays his role well, and even moves in on Clary (who only he knows to be his sister) after she and Jace have a fight. Sebastian goes onto murder Jace’s adoptive brother Max Lightwood and starts a war in Idris. Long story short… well shorter, his true identity is revealed (“City of Glass”), and Jace kills him. All is well with the world and Jace, after a short episode of believing that he was part demon, not part angel, is free to be with his not sister, Clary. All is happily ever after, until Sebastian comes back with Lilith “City of Fallen Angels”. Jace is then possessed and taken over by Sebastian in “City of Lost Souls”. They become one after he is brought back to life. Jace and Sebastian run away to a secret moving house to try and accomplish their mission of raising a new race of evil shadowhunters using the mortal cup. Clary decides to go with them later as a spy, and to try and save Jace. She succeeds, but there is only one problem. To cleanse Jace and separate him from Sebastian, she uses heavenly fire. Now… Jace glows.

Actor: James Campbell M Bower

A.K.A.: Jamie Campbell Bower

Age: 24

Birthday: November 22, 1988

Ethnicity: British

Looks: six foot tall blondy with the abbs to make any girl drool.

Career: A former member of the National Youth Music Theatre, this boy obviously has may talents! From singing, acting, and modeling, is there anything he can’t do? Jamie is most commonly known for his roles in Sweeney Todd, Twilight, and cameo in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. Most recently he can be seen as King Aurthur in the Starz original series, Camelot. He has appeared alongside Florence + the Machine in music videos as well. Little known fact, Bower is the lead singer for the band, The Darling Buds.

All additional research and information comes from  All photos are from Google search with untraceable credit. If you know where the photo credit belongs, email me at so we can give the amazing artists due credit! Also email me there or leave a reply to let me know who you want the next profile to be on! 🙂 Happy reading, and never trust a duck!

(Sorry if the photos don’t post, I have been having problems.)


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