Lily Collins Sports Clary Fray’s Red Hair

Lily Collins and co-star Jamie Campbell Bower went out for frozen yogurt and a walk, and Just Jared paps were there to get a few shots of Lily’s red-colored hair.

This is what the Examiner had to say:

Many fans have expressed their dislike of the hair color. Alyssa Barbieri of TMI Source had a good response to the complaints on Twitter. “The dye job could be a process. Perhaps it will be lighter when filming begins Monday,” she said.

Sure, it’s not as fire-ish looking as on the book covers, but many times, things look different on screen.  Actor Josh Hutcherson went through the same scrutiny during his first caught images of his blond hair for the role of Peeta in The Hunger Games.  Many people didn’t like it, said it was too blond, and then when the film came out, all was forgiven.

It could very well be the same thing in this case.  Let’s not be too hasty, folks!

In other news front, Cassandra Clare is heading to Toronto for the first day(s) of shooting.  We can’t wait what she has to say about it!


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