Day Four of Filming City of Bones: Fan Pictures of Set

Some of the lucky lovely fans of TMI were able to trek around the Toronto area to get pics and meetings with the cast of City of Bones.  If only all of us could be so lucky.  However, they’ve been gracious enough to take pictures of today’s journey on Day 4 of filming, and we wanted to share it with you all as well.   In this set, you’ll see pictures of what will be The Institute (and can we say it looks fantastic!) as well as a few quick shots of Robert Sheehan, Kevin Zegers, and Lily Collins, including this beautiful one of actor Kevin Zegers (covered in a few runes that I’m not what of) with fan Gelyn (read her adventure here):

@gelynmer (right) with her friend and Kevin Zegers

To check out the rest of the pictures, click on “Continue reading”

We’d like to thank these TMI fans for sharing, as we as @TMI_Source: @gelynmer @CityGirlScapes, @MichelleMags, @hawz_carstairs@BassicSeb


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