Get Simon’s MADE IN BROOKLYN T-Shirt!

Simon Lewis is known for his general goofiness and his spunky t-shirts.

On The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones set yesterday, Robert Sheehan was photographed wearing the MADE IN BROOKLYN t-shirt described in the books. Soon after, Cassandra Clare told fans on Tumblr where they too could buy the graphic tee!

The design comes from Brooklyn Industries and is available online for $34!

Would you ever buy yourself this tee or one of Simon’s other quirky slogan shirts?


One response to “Get Simon’s MADE IN BROOKLYN T-Shirt!

  1. Oh my gosh I am sooooooo happy that they are being loyal to the book! I just got over Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace, and this is just wonderful! 🙂
    Keep posting this stuff, I am happy to know what’s going on with the movie, even if it’s only little things like this!

    Thanks fandomnet!

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