SteleCast Episode 18: Premieres Are Better in Black



Well, this has been quite the week for the world of Shadowhunters and Downworlders. Some lucky Shadowhunters have now seen the movie (in the company of the cast and crew!) and we are only a week away from the public release! As we approach the big moment, we will discuss all this and more in our eighteenth episode of Shadowhunter’s Stelecast: Premieres Are Better in Black!

As always, you can follow our tweets @SteleCast along with joining the chat with the hashtag #ShadowhuntersSC during the show.

In this episode:

      • We will begin with a brief couple announcements about the happenings in the fandom.
      • We will hear some stories from the premiere!
      • We will get some spoiler-free thoughts on the movie from people who have already seen it!
      • We will let you know our plans to next week’s post-movie episode! THAT’S RIGHT! We are ONE WEEK away!
      • If there’s time, we will end with some games!

For more details on the episode, click here!


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