I, too, was able to watch The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones at the premiere in Hollywood, California.  And even though I sadly was not able to attain my goal of getting a picture with Godfrey Gao, I was extremely pleased with how the movie turned out.  However, there’s always the question of whether this movie will actually please those who haven’t read the books, or, as I respectfully call them, mundanes.

My friend, Evelyn, happens to be one of those who hadn’t read the books, but she actually camped out in line for the premiere of the movie because she’s a big fan of Aidan Turner, who plays Luke Garroway in the film.  After the premiere, I asked her a few questions about the movie and here’s what she had to say:


Me with my “mundane” friend, Evelyn

So, you haven’t read the books, right?


What did think about the movie?

I enjoyed it!  For someone who didn’t know about it and wanted to see it because of an actor, and also because of the previews making it look so action-packed, I was amazed by it from beginning to end.  You didn’t need to read the book to follow that movie.  It was all there.

So, you pretty much understood what was going on?

Yes, I know what a mundane is.  I know what the symbols [runes] mean, or symbolize, and I could follow the story and the plot.

Who were you most impressed with?

That whole cast is pretty darn amazing.  And I would say that Robert Sheehan was my favorite, for being someone that I really didn’t know about, you know, prior to Misfits.  And Lily Collins did a really good job!  And Jamie Campbell Bower, although his hair looks a little weird.  I didn’t really enjoy that.  But everybody did really good.  Like supporting cast, they all brought it full circle, and just made that movie enjoyable and not lame or slow.

Some of you might think that she may have been just tried to be nice about the movie because she’s a friend of mine, but from knowing her for a few years now, if she doesn’t like something, she will let you know.  If she didn’t like it, she definitely would’ve let me know (noticed that she did mention how she didn’t like JCB’s hair in the movie).

And in all honestly, she did have some questions about certain scenes in there, which fortunately were questions that weren’t answered in the first book anyway.  If you want another perspective from a male non-reader, you might want to check out my “date for the premiere,” Megan’s post, since she was able to interview just such a person.

Even if she didn't enjoy the movie (although she did), she was able to attain her goal of taking a picture with Aidan Turner.

Even if she didn’t enjoy the movie (although she did), she was able to attain her goal of taking a picture with Aidan Turner.

So, I hope this gives you more confidence in bringing, or maybe dragging, your friends with you to see this movie, even if they haven’t read the books.  Just spread the word!  And I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did!


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