100 Things to Do Before The Mortal Instruments Movie

In Episode 6: 100 Days of Shadowhunter, we read a list of 100 things to do before the movie hits theaters. In case you can’t remember everything from listening to the episode, here’s the list! We have it in video form, as well as listed out below. Enjoy! And make sure to post pictures of videos of any you complete with #100BeforeTMI.

  1. Go into a crowded room and demand to speak with a Silent Brother. Then say “Ahhh, not so loud!” when nobody responds.

  2. Start screaming bloody murder in a crowded club.

  3. Call someone a mundane

  4. Ask your best friend to be your Parabatai

  5. Reread City of Bones!

  6. Write fan fiction

  7. Convince a friend they have contracted Demon Pox

  8. Listen to Sam Cushion’s TMI score

  9. Buy something TMI related from Hebel Design

  10. Act out a scene from City of Bones, preferably one involving a hot girl/guy

  11. Two words: Fan Art

  12. Adopt a cat and name it Church only to yell at it and accuse it of being a backstabbing Judas

  13. Cosplay as your favorite TMI character

  14. Paint your nails with glitter

  15. Color your hair blue

  16. Host a big party for your cat… pantsless

  17. Declare your unrequited love to your best friend

  18. Feed a duck… mallard pie

  19. Read A Tale of Two Cities

  20. Read Eric’s poem at a coffee shop on open-mic night

  21. Make your own stele

  22. Get a rune tattoo (or just use a Sharpie)

  23. Learn how to use a whip

  24. Buy a TMI/TID-related shirt from RedBubble.com

  25. Scream “By the Angel!” when something big happens in any conversation.

  26. Have a mango and tomato soup dinner

  27. Cover your room in Angelic rune drawings

  28. Make out with your sibling (please don’t really do this one)

  29. Buy Shadowhunter clothes from Hot Topic

  30. Wear white to a funeral (maybe something small…)

  31. Watch Jamie in New Moon or Breaking Dawn and shout, “Jace, did Simon do this to you?!”

  32. Every. Bane Chronicles. Short.

  33. Write a friend into a story, then make the character go psycho

  34. Order a blood milkshake at a diner

  35. One word: Alley.

  36. Write a love note in someone’s favorite book.

  37. Read all of the extras on Cassandra Clare’s site.

  38. Wear all your shadowhunter goodies (t-shirt, jewelry, TMI converse, etc.) every time you go to the movies

  39. Squee like someone possessed every time you watch the movie trailer in the cinema

  40. Go to Tumblr and post every crazy idea related to TMI / TID / TDA / TLH / The Bane Chronicles.

  41. Try to trick Cassie into revealing spoilers about CoHF or the movie. As if she doesn’t give us enough spoilers.

  42. Create playlists for City of Bones

  43. Narrate your life to sound like Jared Harris (Hodge)

  44. Rename your favorite bands because Simon would want it that way

  45. Use glow-in-the-dark paint on a rock to create your own witchlight

  46. Take pictures of every duck you see and place them on an Armed and Dangerous list.

  47. Draw runes in a circle on the sidewalk with chalk. When someone asks what you’re doing, tell them you’re summoning a demon.

  48. Convince a friend (or ten) to read the series.

  49. Fancast The Infernal Devices

  50. Don’t miss a Shadowhunters’ SteleCast

  51. Create memes!

  52. Watch Abduction and ask Clary (Lily Collins) if Jacob (Taylor Lautner) switched to Luke’s pack.

  53. Choose your outfit for the midnight premiere.

  54. Watch the red carpet premiere.

  55. Follow the film’s cast and crew on Twitter

  56. Read every film-related article you find and fanboy/fangirl over the pictures.

  57. Plan your own Shadowhunter themed, pre-midnight release party.

  58. Follow all Shadowhunter fansites. We’re planning to take over the world (before Valentine or Sebastian do.)

  59. On a map, point out Idris between France and Germany, and laugh at the people who can’t see it.

  60. Create a pool to predict how much the film will gross on opening weekend

  61. Make desserts using mangos

  62. Make Isabelle’s peanut-fish-olive-tomato soup and feed it to your brother

  63. If you dare, go to a cafe, have a scone, then start taking off your clothes.  If someone tries to stop you, tell them your body has to be free.  Then take antlers from the cafe wall, if they happen to have it, place it on your head and run out and down the street in your birthday suit.

  64. Watch all episodes of Camelot (starring Jamie Campbell Bower as King Arthur)

  65. Watch Air Bud (starring Young Artist Award Winner Kevin Zegers)

  66. Watch the first 2-3 seasons of BBC original series Being Human (starring Aidan Turner)

  67. Watch Game of Thrones and The Sarah Connor Chronicles (starring Lena Headey)

  68. Watch Jared Harris in Mad Men

  69. Play Six Degrees of TMI – connect TMI actors through other actors.

  70. Have a Robert Sheehan marathon with Misfits, Killing Bono, Season of the Witch, Love/Hate, Me & Mrs Jones, and Cherrybomb!

  71. Ask for scones from a loved one, then hide them under the bed.

  72. Scream “Evil ducks!!!” at the ducks in Hyde Park

  73. Buy cat eye contact lenses and freak out your friends

  74. Speak in a British accent for the day (if you’re not British!)

  75. Buy your midnight movie tickets!

  76. When somebody asks for relationship advice, teach him/her Jace’s falcon lesson.

  77. Change your last name to Herondale on facebook/twitter. Or Fairchild. Or Carstairs. Or Lightwood. Or Lewis. Or Bane. Or Morgenstern (ew, why?).

  78. Go to the park and stand by the bushes. Explain to anyone that gives you a weird look that you are playing with faeries.

  79. If you own an iPhone, ask Siri to call you Clary/Jace.

  80. Change the contacts in your phone to TMI/TID names.

  81. Change the contacts in a friend’s phone to TMI/TID names

  82. Brainstorm City of Heavenly Fire crackpot theories with us!

  83. Write a TMI song or poem

  84. Pet a llama

  85. Visit Peru (if you don’t already live there)

  86. Have a chat with a howler monkey (danger warning!)

  87. Buy a jade pendant or pearl bracelet and give it to your significant other to wear

  88. Ride a motorcycle (and see if it flies… in a safe place)

  89. Cover your wall with TMI posters

  90. While grocery shopping, pick up random fruit and ask strangers “What’s this?”

  91. Pre-order all the movie tie-in books

  92. Visit The Burren and start screaming for Jace

  93. Talk to the “angel” living in your favorite piece of jewelry

  94. Draw runes in the corner of all your papers

  95. Write TMI quotes on post-its and place them random places

  96. Write TMI quotes in the sand on the beach.

  97. Pretend to be talking to your best friend via your ring

  98. Convince people that red and blue do go together

  99. Learn how to speak Mandarin, or Welsh

  100. Take pictures of yourself doing any of the above. If you have a twitter, tweet the picture with #100BeforeTMI

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