Episode 1: Introduction



The first ever episode of Shadowhunters’ SteleCast will air live on Wednesday, April 10 at 9 PM ET. Get to know our hosts as we discuss how we found The Mortal Instruments and some of our favorites within the series.

We will also step through the new trailer and discuss what we see in depth. Haven’t watched it yet? Here it is:

We will talk about a big crackpot theory about siblings and demons.

If there’s time, we will introduce some games and segments we plan to use in the upcoming weeks.

Listen LIVE by clicking here!

Follow the hosts at:
Ellie @MuchMoreMacho
Joan @joanlh9
Natasha @TFGeekGirl

Have any thoughts about the trailer? Let us know in the comments and we may read it on the show!

Let us know if you have any discussion topics or games you’d like us to play in the upcoming weeks!


4 responses to “Episode 1: Introduction

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  2. VERY excited after seeing the trailer. They seem to truly understand the dynamic between the Lightwood (including Jace) family. Also CAN’T WAIT for the scene with Alec and Clary. That has potential to be one of the best in the movie after the preview here. Kevin is FANTASTIC.

    Also MAGNUS.

  3. I was very pleased with the trailer. They made sure not to make it seem to Twilighty but still hinted at the romance between the characters. I like how they marketed it more like a “stumble upon a new world” movie instead of a supernatural romance or an, “Action-y with unexplainable magic” movie.
    I was also very pleased with the actors, especially in the seen at Pandemonium. There faces are brilliant. Alec is so serious! And Jace’s face– it nearly killed me. I also like how Clary sees the runes on the sign and decides to go in. It’s obvious foreshadowing, but still very clever.

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