Episode 4: 1 Game, 2 Projects, and Going International


It has been a pretty interesting week with several goodies that we can’t wait to talk about, including The Trevor Project and what Cassie is giving out as an incentive for fans to donate to the cause, City of Bones movie being ranked 25 in Yahoo’s 25 Most Anticipated Movies of the Summer, a TMI-related game in development, and new scenes in the latest of trailers (to be released on Tuesday – we’ll provide a link when it becomes available)!  Joining us will be Sarah from The Mortal Institute and Natalie Markey from The Mortal Instrument Examiner!

Check out the international trailer below!

In this episode:

  • ALA recruits Tessa Gray
  • The City of Bones’ fundraiser for The Trevor Project and how you can win a copy of the City of Bones book signed by the cast!
  • Playfirst to develop online game
  • The Bane Chronicles update – The Runaway Queen
  • Sam Cushion’s The Mortal Instruments Music Project
  • Yahoo’s 25 Most Anticipated Movies of Summer 2013 list, and where City of Bones ranks in this list.
  • Robert Sheehan on MTV
  • We will end with discussion about the new scenes from the international trailer

Listen LIVE Wednesday, May 1 at 9pm ET!

You can chat with other listeners throughout the live show by using our hashtag #ShadowhuntersSC on Twitter! We recommend TweetChat to easily follow along with the conversation.

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Sarah @thepaisleyowl
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We want you to voice out your opinions as well.  Do you think City of Bones was fairly ranked in Yahoo’s list?  How do you feel about Robert Sheehan as Simon?  And what do you think of the international trailer (which will be released on Tuesday) with the new scenes?  Do you think it’s giving away too much of the movie?  Let us know and we’ll read your comments on the air!


4 responses to “Episode 4: 1 Game, 2 Projects, and Going International

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  2. I don’t think that City of Bones was fairly ranked there. Whether you’re a fan of the series or not, let’s remember that CoB got 2nd place in the MTV Movie Brawl, where some of the ranked movies where included as well. Whether you respect MTV or not, the reason why it got 2nd place was because people voted for it, therefore is a highly anticipated movie. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s ranked too low.

    How do I feel about Robert Sheehan as Simon? Every time I see him somewhere, I’m so relieved they got him for the role. I can’t picture anyone else in it. I’ve seen him in very different roles and he’s awesome in all of them, from Cormac to Nathan and everything in between. He will be the best Simon.

    The trailer is cool, I was expecting more new stuff in it, but I don’t think it gives too much away.

    And about The Runaway Queen…I think I’ve already made my thoughts pretty clear on how excited I am to hear that George Blagden will be narrating it! He’s super talented.

    I think we owe some casting choices to Maureen and Sarah; after all, Maureen was a huge fan of Robert and Sarah told George how much she liked his work on Les Mis. Good team work there!

  3. I really enjoyed the trailer. They do seem to be giving a lot of the movie’s plot points away, but it doesn’t seem to spoilery or too much. I liked how they gave us more Simon. He seemed very emotional in the trailer, and did an excellent job of it, which was fantastic.
    The only thing I wasn’t thrilled about in the trailer was that there seemed to be a lack of Luke and Izzy. Izzy has a single line in the trailer, and Luke isn’t even mentioned. Sigh…
    As for the ranking, I totally agree with Luly and have absolutely nothing to add.
    Now for Simon: I had never heard of Robert Sheehan before TMI, and haven’t had a chance to see him in anything yet, other than some interviews, so I admit, before this trailer, I was a little bit nervous. But that one scene, near the end of the trailer, expelled any doubts I might have. Robert is Simon. Simon is Robert. That is all.

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