Episode 5: A Spark of Heavenly Fire


This week, we have seen new official websites, discussions of City of Bones actors, heard about some new fan projects, and even learned about the next book in the series. We will discuss all of this and more in our fifth episode of Shadowhunter’s Stelecast: A Spark of Heavenly Fire! As always, you can join the chat or tweet along with #ShadowhuntersSC during the show.

In this episode:

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What do you think about all of these articles discussing anticipation of City of Bones? Do these official websites make you feel more involved in the process of film creation? How do you feel about the City of Heavenly Fire news? Let us know in the comments! We will read some on the podcast.


2 responses to “Episode 5: A Spark of Heavenly Fire

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  2. Any news is good news. I’m thrilled each time I run across posts or lists containing anything TMI related, and I nearly scream each time Cassandra Clare posts something about CoHF.
    I like the new sites–especially Simon’s tumblr. My only concern is how updated each site will be. A lot of sites like these will post a couple of times then quickly fade away. There are so many websites that have popped up right before the release of a movie, each promising the moon, that ultimately lead nowhere and vanish. I can see this happening with Simon’s tumblr, sadly.
    I like the meme site, I’ve visited it a couple of times and left laughing my head off. Hopefully all these sites will get even better as time goes on.

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