Episode 6: 100 Days of Shadowhunter


As of today, the day of our sixth episode (May 15), we are exactly 100 days away from the release of the City of Bones film. To celebrate this landmark, we are dedicating this week’s episode completely to anticipation of the film. We will discuss everything City of Bones on this episode of Shadowhunter’s Stelecast: 100 Days of Shadowhunter! As always, you can join the chat or tweet along with #ShadowhuntersSC during the show.

In this episode:

  • We will discuss the new character posters that have been released since our last episode.
  • We will discuss the new still of Simon that was released.
  • We will discuss the scenes we most want to see in the film and the scenes we think might not make the cut.
  • We will introduce and discuss our list of 100 things to do before the movie!

Listen LIVE Wednesday, May 15 at 9pm ET by clicking here!

You can follow our hosts here:

Ellie @MuchMoreMacho
Joan @joanlh9
Natasha @TFGeekGirl

Follow our guests:

Alyssa @TMI_Source/@alyssa_barbieri
Natalie @TMIexaminer
Amber @TMI_Institute

What scene are you most looking forward to seeing come to life in the movie? What do you think will get the boot? What do you think about the character posters? Let us know in the comments! We will read some on the podcast.


4 responses to “Episode 6: 100 Days of Shadowhunter

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  2. I think I’m probably most excited to see Hotel Dumort and the wolf pack brought to life on screen. Also, the flying motorcycles. It’s such a sweet moment between Jace and Clary, when they’re flying over New York together.
    However, I could see them cutting the part where they crash land into a garage, as that might be hard to shoot. Or maybe they’ll cut the whole motorcycle thing altogether. Oh, why can’t this movie be 10 hours long and include every detail of the book? (I know, I know. Books don’t always transfer seamlessly to movies, and things must be cut out for the good of the film blah blah blah. I’d go see a 10 hour one anyway though.)
    As for the character posters, I think they’re really cool. Valentine’s looks awesome. I also like the still of Simon. Yay, Simon!

  3. You know what? Take back what I said about liking Valentines poster. After staring at it for ten minutes in a row, it’s starting to look a little creepy. His expression just screams out, “I have stared into your mind and soul and will now set them on fire and watch as they burn! (evil laugh)”

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