Episode 9: Series Will Collide


This week, Cassandra Clare participated in Books Expo America, we learned of an awesome contest, and some people saw an exclusive clip from the next installment of The Bane Chronicles. We will discuss all of this and more in our ninth episode of Shadowhunter’s Stelecast: Series Will Collide!

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In this episode:

  • We will discuss experiences of The Mortal Instrument‘s portion of Books Expo America.
  • We will make a couple announcements about the happenings in the fandom.
  • We will talk about the new Izzy and Alec posters!
  • We will discuss crossovers between The Mortal Instruments series and The Infernal Devices series. This portion will have spoilers from all released books.
  • If we have time, we will end with a game!

Listen LIVE Wednesday, June 5 at 9pm ET by clicking here!

You can follow our hosts here:

Ellie @MuchMoreMacho
Joan @joanlh9
Natasha @TFGeekGirl

If you made it to Book Expo America, what did you think of all of the Shadowhunter adventures? Does anything stand out to you that exists in both the TMI world and the TID world? Let us know what you think and we may read your comments during the podcast!

You can always suggest a discussion topic or game idea at our “Submit an Idea” page.


One response to “Episode 9: Series Will Collide

  1. Unfortunately, I live much much to far away to make it to Book Expo America, but I love the fact that TMI was present there.
    The Izzy and Alec posters are fantastic. In one picture, they completely capture both of there characters flawlessly. However, Alec does look vaguely like an evil master mind, looking over the city and plotting revenge, while rubbings his hands together creepily and getting ready to take off his gloves to punch someone. Also, why gloves? if you’re fighting a demon oozing with poison, why wear gloves but not sleeves? Is it okay to get your arm splattered with demon poison, as long as your hands are intact? And how much protection would gloves offer, anyway? I know the Gear is special and stuff, but seriously? (Okay, yes I admit, I have a little to much time on my hands and am over analyzing this, but still. Gloves. Seriously?)

    Now for crossover talk! The Infernal Devices really appealed to me in part because of all the crossovers. I squealed when Magnus appeared, and gasped when some Lightwoods showed up. The family tree released in the last book was entertaining and enlightening (ha ha, I have moved on from words like “awesome” to words like “enlightening.” My vocabulary is indeed improving expeditiously…. Okay, now I just sound like some pompous English Professor, or Ricky Collins from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries… I’m going back to “awesome…”)
    The crossovers between the too series made both immensely more fun to read and made me feel like I was a part of an inside joke that only members of a secret club knew. When I re-read the series after finishing TDI, and brother Zachariah showed up I started laughing hysterically (which really shouldn’t have been my reaction, but hey, I was tired and my emotions were running crazy that day, so don’t judge) then smiled fondly, thinking about his past and remembering all that happened to get him where he was.

    Okay… So I doubt anyone has read this far, considering this comment wasn’t very well written and kind of silly, so I guess I’ll just end it now…Stay away from ducks and blue drinks and don’t forget to be awesome. 😉

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