The Bane Chronicles’ The Last Stand is Available…Somewhere

tbc-09-coverIf you’re in the situation I’m in right now, then you’re probably frustrated at the moment.  As it goes, The Bane Chronicles: The Last Stand of the New York Institute is supposed to be available for purchase today for all e-readers.  However, Barnes & Noble (yep, I even work there), has yet to make this available for some reason.

Apparently, there were some issues with getting the latest Bane story out internationally as well through, and I’m not sure if they’re still having issues.  Hopefully this will be resolved very, very soon.  These are the types of issues that’s only bearable for a few hours, if that.

In the meantime, you can check out the almost finished puzzle of all the Bane Chronicles book covers below.



THE BANE CHRONICLES’ ‘What To Buy the Shadowhunter Who Has Everything’ Cover Reveal


This month’s Bane Chronicles novella is due to be released on November 19th, and this one looks to be a super exciting one for Malec fans (that’s assuming the “Shadowhunter” in reference is Alec Lightwood).

And yes, tis the season for giving, and coincidentally, we’ll be talking about shopping for the Shadowhunter fan in this week’s Shadowhunters’ Stelecast, so we hope you’ll join join us during our podcast!

Here’s the puzzle so far:



THE BANE CHRONICLES’ ‘The Fall of the Hotel Dumort’ Cover Reveal


Here’s the puzzle so far:



THE BANE CHRONICLES’ ‘Saving Raphael Santiago’ Cover Reveal


Here’s the puzzle so far:



Navigating the Shadow World book cover


This new Shadowhunter Cronicles companion is set to release on July 1st
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Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter’s Codex cover


The German CITY OF LOST SOULS book cover


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