Lil’ Will and Jem. by Cassandra Jean





“FEEL MY FEELS” exclaims CassandraJP on her tumblr masterpiece


Magnus. From the Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Jean


Magnus. (From the Bane Chronicles written by cassandraclaresarahreesbrennan and maureenjohnsonbooks)

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Shadowhunter-Pokemon Crossover! by CassandraJP



“Shadowhunter-Pokemon Crossover! 

Because I’m super excited about the new Pokemon game coming out this week ;3; So this one is of Alec and Cubone! Cuz somehow I thought it suited him. “

~ Cassandra Jean on tumblr

Things that upset me: Image by Cassandra Jean


“Things that upset me:

Michael and Robert never got to take their kids on playdates and watch them grow up together as best friends. Robert never got to take Alec to play with his parabati’s son and they didn’t get to brag to each other’s children. I wonder if Robert was happy when he thought Jace was Michael’s kid, seeing Jace and Alec get along and grow up to become parabati. Like was he totally heartbroken watching history repeat itself or did it cheer him up a little bit?

My money is on heartbroken.”

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Ragnor Fell by Cassandra Jean



“By the way. I have dubbed Saint Patrick’s day as Ragnor Fell day. So next time that rolls around, celebrate the GREEN with mee!!” 

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Clockwork Princess art by Cassandra Jean



“My favorite scene from Clockwork Princess! The best transformation from damsel in distress to complete and total badass I’ve ever read. “

Source: Cassandra Jean on tumblr

Isabelle Lightwood by Cassandra Jean


Isabelle Lightwood (TMI by @CassieClare )

“I was struggling and struggling and STRUGGLING all morning to draw this dang picture full of guys. And eventually rage quit and decided “I want to draw a badass chick”. And so, Izzy.”

~ Cassandra Jean on tumblr