Image of the Day: “Don’t Tell Him” by palnk – Clockwork Prince SPOILER

art by palnk

art by palnk


Image of the Day – Eavesdropping by ~Street-Angel


‘Gabriel and Gideon were standing in a patch of light at the centre of the room, facing off against each other. Tessa noticed something she had not noticed before: Gabriel, despite being the younger brother, was lankily taller than Gideon by some inches. Gideon was more muscular, broader through the shoulders. He swept a hand through his sandy hair, nodding curtly to the girls as they appeared in the doorway. “Good day, Miss Collins, Miss Gray.”

deviantART by ~Street-Angel

Image of the Day: “Gabriel and Gideon” by palnk

art by palnk

art by palnk

Image of the Day: “Et tu, Brute” by Street-Angel

C.19 of Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

Image of the Day – Will and Tessa


From ~valetherebel on deviantART

Image of the Day: Clockwork Prince: DSBS by *jeminabox

How many have imagined having a Dirty Sexy Balcony Scene in their lives?

Clockwork Prince: DSBS by *jeminabox on deviantART.

Image of the Day: Why? by LalaMot

art by Lala Mot

According to the artist, this is a *spoiler* scene in Clockwork Prince, after Tessa tells Will that Jem proposed to her and she agreed.