Will Herondale Fan Art

Check out this amazing art by Rachel (rararachelmarie.tumblr.com)

From the artist:

Drew this awhile back… last summer maybe? been thinking a lot about how much I need to read Clockwork Prince, so I found this and thought I’d post it… Will Herondale.

Oh Cassie Clare how you love to dance with metal cleats on my heartstrings.

Isn’t this beautiful, guys?!

I’m pretty sure this is one my favorite pictures of Will now, very classy!


AMAZING Clary and Jace Fan Art!

Check out this amazing art by CeridwenTaliesin on deviantART!

From the artist:

I’m a great fan of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments book series. The books are fun, action packed, full of wonderful jokes, and the way she describes things makes you jump into the story. Besides, the world she’s created for the series is extremely complex and fascinating.
The first movie for the series is in pre-production, and the actors Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins were chosen to play Jace Wayland and Clary Fray. They are the ones shown in character in this painting.
The look and palette for this painting is based on the poster for the next book in the series, City of Lost Souls, which will be released next year. The tattoos were made using the tribal brushes by Obisidian Dawn, which you can find here: [link]
I hope you like it, and if you haven’t read the books and like fantasy stories, go read them! Any feedback is welcome! :D
Update: This illustration has been featured at Cassandra Clare’s blog and at the Herondale Boys blog ! Visit them here: [link] | [link]
This illustration was also chosen for a book of fan art which was sent to Cassandra Clare for Christmas in 2011! Thanks to Street Angel for it. Click here to know about the project, view the book and Street Angel’s art: [link]

What do you guys think?!

Fan Video: Jem Carstairs

Another amazing video made by the amazing YouTube user cheervolley4eva who is….amazing. Haha! This is one of my personal favorite fan videos for The Infernal Devices. I will admit that I am a Jem girl, but this video is more about the relationship between Will and Jem. So we can all be happy! If you haven’t already seen this user’s other videos (Will’s Letter, for example, MY ALL TIME FAVORITE) you should definitely consider checking out her YouTube page. She constantly uploads quality videos, and they often have my emotions running wild.

Fan Fridays: Fay

By the angel, where do I start in telling of my love for the TMI books? Geez. Well I only heard of them back in August, but read through all 4 books within 3 days. Had me some crazy loving for Cassandra Clare from that moment. What an amazing woman.

The characters are so well developed, and I can honestly say I love all of them. Simon, of course, being my all time favourite. His sexy vampire mojo is too much to handle but I’ll forever hold his hand.

The ships are absolutely off the radar, and there really are no comparisons to the cheeky dirty sexy scenes Cassie slips in.

I have a countdown going on for the release date of City of Lost Souls. I’m really really scared for it though, if I’m completely honest. I have no idea what’s going to happen, and I almost don’t want to find out.

AND I WANT SOME MALEC LOVING! Seriously! I need some Malec!

I think it’s safe to say, I have a teeny tiny obsession with this series….

Okay, maybe a HUGE obsession with this series. I’ve even gone to the extreme of getting some rather sexual Marks tattoos. (see photo on right)

I could seriously ramble on about how much I love everything in this series, but I should probably stop now. I’ll only give you a headache 😛


Fay (little-dampir.tumblr.com)


Sweet tattoos, Fay! We love fans like you!

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Fan Art by kara-lija

“Heaven On Earth”

This artist, who is constantly noticed by Cassandra Clare herself, is crazy talented. To say that very least. We love kara-lija on deviantART!

From the artist (kara-lija):

Jace and Clary from Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments books.
The song that inspired this piece is Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” : [link]
One of the prettiest songs I’ve ever heard…
Drawn in Copics and india ink, with lighting done with Corel Photopaint 9

This is such beautiful art!

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Fan Art by Palnk

This is an absolutely beautiful piece of art depicting a scene in Clockwork Angel with Will and our beloved Tessa.

Art work by Palnk

Tell us what you think!

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Fan Art by kara-lija

This is one of my favorites. Well done, really. 🙂

From the artist (kara-lija):

The surviving children of the Lightwood family, Isabelle and Alec Lightwood, and Jace Wayland (Herondale).
Characters are from Cassandra Clare’s amazing books, The Mortal Instruments series.
I’m a bit nervous, I worked hard on this one, but I’m not sure I like how it turned out. Hmmm.
Done in Copics, india ink, and Corel Photopaint 9
Song for this piece is “Teenage Angst” by Placebo.

Amazing job!

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