Image of the Day – Gabe and Cecily by ~emmilinne


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Image of the Day – Gabriel Lightwood by ~qwertyuioplala



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THE INFERNAL DEVICES Tarot Cards – Lightwoods and Branwells *spoiler*

There are 4 cards below, that of some of the Lightwoods and the Branwells from The Infernal Devices.   The 4th card is a spoiler if you have not read Clockwork Princess yet and can be seen below the cut.

Here’s what Cassandra Clare had to say about this set of cards:

Here I’m finishing up the suit of Rings, which takes the place of the suit of Pentacles. Pentacles are associated with change and progress. Each card shows a family associated with a family ring — ten is the Branwells, and the suit cards, Queen, King, Prince and Page, are taken by the Lightwoods of the Infernal Devices era.





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Image of the Day – Clockwork Princess: Gabriel and Cecily


deviantART by ~kibakirain

Image of the Day – Careful, there are Lightwoods roaming around here


“I have a habit of really loving the underdog couples, and I thought that Cecily and Gabriel were adorable so here they are ❤
I loved that he follows her around a lot, it must have really annoyed Will for a long time"

Gabriel and Cecily (c) Cassandra Clare
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Image of the Day – The Lightwood Brothers


“My first Infernal Devices fanart! and its Gabriel (left) and Gideon (right) Lightwood battling some clockwork monsters outside of the London Institute. ”
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Image of the Day – Eavesdropping by ~Street-Angel


‘Gabriel and Gideon were standing in a patch of light at the centre of the room, facing off against each other. Tessa noticed something she had not noticed before: Gabriel, despite being the younger brother, was lankily taller than Gideon by some inches. Gideon was more muscular, broader through the shoulders. He swept a hand through his sandy hair, nodding curtly to the girls as they appeared in the doorway. “Good day, Miss Collins, Miss Gray.”

deviantART by ~Street-Angel