THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES Cast Share Their Favorite Go-To Karaoke Songs

Check out this little interview from EW where they ask Jamie Campbell Bower, Lily Collins, and Kevin Zegers pop culture questions!



I, too, was able to watch The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones at the premiere in Hollywood, California.  And even though I sadly was not able to attain my goal of getting a picture with Godfrey Gao, I was extremely pleased with how the movie turned out.  However, there’s always the question of whether this movie will actually please those who haven’t read the books, or, as I respectfully call them, mundanes.

My friend, Evelyn, happens to be one of those who hadn’t read the books, but she actually camped out in line for the premiere of the movie because she’s a big fan of Aidan Turner, who plays Luke Garroway in the film.  After the premiere, I asked her a few questions about the movie and here’s what she had to say:


Me with my “mundane” friend, Evelyn

So, you haven’t read the books, right?


What did think about the movie?

I enjoyed it!  For someone who didn’t know about it and wanted to see it because of an actor, and also because of the previews making it look so action-packed, I was amazed by it from beginning to end.  You didn’t need to read the book to follow that movie.  It was all there.

So, you pretty much understood what was going on?

Yes, I know what a mundane is.  I know what the symbols [runes] mean, or symbolize, and I could follow the story and the plot.

Who were you most impressed with?

That whole cast is pretty darn amazing.  And I would say that Robert Sheehan was my favorite, for being someone that I really didn’t know about, you know, prior to Misfits.  And Lily Collins did a really good job!  And Jamie Campbell Bower, although his hair looks a little weird.  I didn’t really enjoy that.  But everybody did really good.  Like supporting cast, they all brought it full circle, and just made that movie enjoyable and not lame or slow.

Some of you might think that she may have been just tried to be nice about the movie because she’s a friend of mine, but from knowing her for a few years now, if she doesn’t like something, she will let you know.  If she didn’t like it, she definitely would’ve let me know (noticed that she did mention how she didn’t like JCB’s hair in the movie).

And in all honestly, she did have some questions about certain scenes in there, which fortunately were questions that weren’t answered in the first book anyway.  If you want another perspective from a male non-reader, you might want to check out my “date for the premiere,” Megan’s post, since she was able to interview just such a person.

Even if she didn't enjoy the movie (although she did), she was able to attain her goal of taking a picture with Aidan Turner.

Even if she didn’t enjoy the movie (although she did), she was able to attain her goal of taking a picture with Aidan Turner.

So, I hope this gives you more confidence in bringing, or maybe dragging, your friends with you to see this movie, even if they haven’t read the books.  Just spread the word!  And I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did!

Screenshots of MTV Interview with Godfrey Gao, including Magnus Introduction in ‘City of Bones’ movie

For screenshots from the official ‘City of Bones’ trailer, go here!

Check out the video interview at MTV.

INTERVIEW: Cassandra Clare and her father

“He’s a leading professor of business strategy.  She’s a wildly successful author of urban fantasy novels for teenagers.  Together, they’re one of the more unusual father-daughter pairings.”

This pretty awesome. We all know who Cassie is, our beloved queen. But what about her dad? Here’s a cool interview where Cassie and her dad talk business. Thanks to Natalie TMI Examiner!

Richard, you’re a well-known academic and have sold tens of thousands of books. Cassandra, you’re a well-known author for a certain segment of the mass market—and have sold even more books. Is there a connection between the two careers?

RUMELT:  It’s all genetics [laughter]. I’m very proud of her. She’s blossomed fantastically.

CLARE: My father is a big believer in nature over nurture.

Did he think that way when you were 13?

RUMELT: When she was 13, I thought it wasn’t genetics—or at least not my side of the family.

CLARE:  I think that there’s an enormous amount that my father has influenced in my career. We as artists are actively encouraged—by other authors, your agent, publisher, and society—not to think about money, strategy, how to manage your career, how to create a brand, because we’re supposed to focus on the art.

So, your father helped you to think of yourself as, well, a corporation?

CLARE:  Yes! I grew up listening to him talk about strategy and management. I’ve read his book obviously. And he’s always pressed upon me that the person who had a strategy is going to win out over the person who doesn’t. So when I come into a situation, my immediate question is, “Well, what’s the strategy?” And I think that’s unusual for a writer.

RUMELT: One kind of bad strategy is where people have aspirations, but no plans. And Judy read one of my chapters on that in draft form. A couple weeks later, she told me, “Well, my publisher said, ‘We have high hopes for your next book.'” And she said, “And you’re going to – ?”

CLARE:  We were in the boardroom. The publisher [Simon & Schuster] said, “Our plan is to raise the profile and increase the sales.”  And I said, “What are your concrete plans to achieve that?”  They said, “Well, we’re going to get the book more attention and sell more copies.”


I just think this is really interesting. Their father-daughter relationship is kind of cool. And he sounds just as cool as his daughter, hahah!

Video: Q & A with Cassandra Clare!

Our very own administrator Nat caught up with Cassandra Clare at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in San Diego on Wednesday and while there, she got some amazing footage from the event!

Turn your volume up because Cassie was NOT mic’d for the event!

On the characters, getting ideas, the DS scenes, etc:

On teams, research, getting writing done, inspiration, etc:

Exclusive Interview with Cassandra Clare!

To say we’re massive fans of The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices would be an understatement, so we are completely thrilled to share‘s exclusive interview with the creator herself, Cassandra Clare!

Cassandra was lovely enough to answer a few questions for us despite her extremely busy schedule and we cannot possibly thank her enough! Enjoy!

Cassandra Clare Exclusive Interview The Mortal Instruments The Infernal Devices

Cassandra Clare

1. You’re a very prolific writer and yet you still manage to communicate with fans often and have a social life outside your work, which we love! What’s your secret to staying sane?

When you’re your own boss, you have to set your own hours. I set very specific hours in which I do work. If I get work done early, I can do some interacting with fans online, or see my friends. If I don’t get that work done, you may not see much of me!

2. What draws you supernatural elements in your writing? Could you ever see yourself writing about normal people with no supernatural powers?

I am drawn to writing books about magic and the supernatural because those are the types of books I like to read. I’ve written many short stories with realistic settings, and I certainly wouldn’t rule out realistic novels in the future!

3. Are any of the characters in The Mortal Instruments or The Infernal Devices based off yourself or someone you know?

Sometimes minor characters are based on people I know — Simon’s friends Eric, Kirk and Matt are all friends of mine. But I’m not writing a thinly veiled version of my own life. These characters are created to fit the needs of the story and to be very much themselves. Sometimes they incorporate aspects of people I know, or have met, like Simon’s sense of humor or Clary’s artistry. Jace, alas, is definitely not based on anyone real.

4. Was there ever a character you planned to kill in a previous book, but couldn’t being yourself to do it?

I intended to kill Max in City of Ashes but wound up putting off his death until City of Glass.

5. Sebastian/Jonathan is a really twisted character, so how do you feel about the fans who find him irresistibly sexy?

There is nothing unusual about it. There have always been readers throughout history who have been drawn to villains. I do not believe that even the readers who find Jonathan/Sebastian sexy are unaware that he is twisted and sick, because I trust my readers to tell the difference between reality and fiction. In fiction, the actions of a villain, even when unspeakable, can be cathartic to read about. They let us experience darkness, but add a safe remove.

Cassandra Clare Exclusive Interview The Mortal Instruments The Infernal Devices

With ‘City of Bones’

6. Did you do more or less “fan therapy” for City of Lost Souls than you did after the release of Clockwork Prince?

I find myself doing a little less, because too much of the therapy would be based on spoilers I can’t give out!

7. Do you have any characters that you feel are often misunderstood by readers? How so?

Clary gets a lot of stick for being headstrong and making rash decisions. I gave her a lot of the characteristics and actions that would normally be given to a boy in this kind of book, and I think it can be a little disconcerting.

8. Did you ever suspect that small conversations in the books like Will’s loathing for ducks in Clockwork Angel would ever spark massive interest among fans?

No, I was completely surprised. You never know what will spark people’s interest!

9. When the City of Bones movie is all said and done, how do you think you’ll react to seeing it for the first time?

Well, they haven’t started filming yet, so I spend all of my mental energy hoping the project moves forward and doesn’t get cancelled. I haven’t even begun to think about what it would be like to see the finished product!

10. Lastly, would you mind telling us a bit about your future projects, The Dark Artifices and The Iron Trial?

The Dark Artifices is a companion series to TMI, I don’t want to call it a sequel because it features different characters. It focuses on the adventures of the Blackthorn family, which runs the Los Angeles Institute, and Emma Carstairs, whose name may be familiar to those who’ve read the Infernal Devices. The Iron Trial is a middle grade series of 5 books that I’m co-writing with Holly Black. The details are super secret right now but I’m really excited about it!

UPDATE: Mundie Moms to host LIVE CHAT with Cassandra Clare – June 28

Hey guys! Guy what? Mundie Moms will be hosting a live chat with Cassandra Clare on 6/20! Cassandra Clare will answer some fan questions. Mundie Moms has advised that this will be a COLS SPOILER chat, so if you haven’t read City of Lost Souls yet, don’t join in! Now, if you want Cassie to answer one of your questions, you’ll need to click on the Mundie Moms link below and submit your question BEFORE the day of the chat. There are so many fans of TMI that it will be hard for Mundie Moms to read all of your questions. They won’t be accepting questions the night of the chat. And please remember that there are a lot of fans with questions, so there’s a possibility that your won’t get answered.

Make sure you check in on the chat, which will start at 8 pm CST/ 9 pm EST on June 20. Mundie Moms has said that it will be a COLS spoiler chat, but if they have time they will ask questions about Clockwork Princess! And if you can’t make it to the live chat, don’t worry! Mundie Moms will be posting the entire transcript in their forum!

CLICK HERE to read full details on the chat, submit questions for Cassie, and to sign up for an email reminder for the chat!

UPDATE:  This chat was originally scheduled for June 20th, but has now been pushed back one week to June 28th.