Emma and Jules from the Dark Artifices by Cassandra Jean


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Image of the Day – Cassie’s Artists by ~o0-sarcasm-0o


“I had been meaning to draw Clary and Julian for a while now and I finally got around to it. That awesome CoHF snippet Cassie gave us sealed the deal for me.”
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Image of the Day: Julian Blackthorn by Dinno

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Image of the Day: The Dark Artifice Poster by ~ishadowhunter

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Is this how you imagined the next tortured couple?

Emma & Julian (Imogen Poots & Jeremy Irvine)

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Image of the Day: LA Shadowhunters by ~Lincher

LA Shadowhunters by ~Lincher on deviantART.

After Reading ‘City of Lost Souls’

I’m not going to post any spoiler-ridden reviews of the book, don’t worry! But I finished the book today. After I finished, I put it down. And then I looked at the wall in my living room. And I looked at it for three hours. Partially because I didn’t know how to process the fact that I’d finished the book already and I had to wait for the next and final book to come out. And partially because I didn’t know how to process the actual book.

Cassandra Clare never ceases to amaze me. And, to be frank, she has balls. Some of the things she writes about are out there, and many authors wouldn’t have the guts to do it. In City of Lost Souls, a certain character is described as someone who does things because she wants to, even if she shouldn’t. Even if everyone tells her she shouldn’t. She does what she wants and no one can stop her. I feel like Cassie does that as well. There’s always something getting in the way of what you love in life. It may not be as dramatic as what happens in The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices, but it’s bound to happen at least once in your life. And I have a feeling that many things in the universe try to get in the way of Cassie and what she does. Some people may try to discourage her. She still does it. I love her so much.

I don’t really know how to explain the book. It was….unexpected? It felt different. Pretty emotional. My stomach churned a lot. My favorite character at the moment, who I will not reveal right now because of reasons, drew me in SO MUCH. Even if they might have given me some emotions I shouldn’t have had.

There were parallels between TMI and TID that made me way more excited than I should I have been. There is also a brief appearance from a certain character included in The Dark Artifices.

All I have to say is Cassandra Clare has set up this story so that a bunch of crazy shit will happen in the last book. I know it will be well worth the wait. I won’t say that City of Lost Souls is my favorite in the series, my heart is still with City of Glass. But it was very good. Very, very good. Very. Good.

Very good.