TMI Fandom Image Of The Day: Aiden Turner: Luke Garroway In ‘Mortal Insturments’

Today’s image of the day is Aiden Turner as Luke Garroway in City Of Bones by SHPParsons on



TMI Fandom Image of the Day – Luke Garroway by redhairandfreckles


Love Aidan Turner.  Love Luke.  And, love that deviantART redhairandfreckles!

Image of the Day – What now is by ~HoneyJadeCrab


Jocelyn and Luke, by HoneyJadeCrab on deviantART

Young Circle Art! Luke – by Cassandra JP


“Luke waiting for someone at the cafe Seraph Bakes in Idris? @TMIScotland  came up with the cafe name and I thought it was brilliant. Anyway, random doodle. I can’t bring myself to draw anything more serious today, kinda fuzzy-headed. “


And here’s the link to Cassandra Jean’s tumblr.

Image of the Day – Luke Garroway by ~TanukiKyuubi



So happy to see some Luke fan art!  DeviantART by ~TanukiKyuubi

Image of the Day – Mortal Instruments: Clary’s Mother and Luke


deviantART by ~OKRedAnimeLover

Join Us Tonight for Shadowhunters’ SteleCast Episode 10!


This week, we got a quiz that tells us what alliance we belong to from the Shadowhunter world, we got our first glimpse of Luke in picture form, and Cassandra Clare gave us another small snippet from City of Heavenly Fire. We will discuss all of this and more in our tenth episode of Shadowhunter’s Stelecast: Are You a Shadowhunter?!

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In this episode:

  • We will discuss experiences of The Mortal Instrument‘s portion of Books Expo America, since we couldn’t do so last week.
  • We will make a couple announcements about the happenings in the fandom.
  • We will discuss the new Alliance quiz and the new pictures that came with it.
  • We will discuss the new snippet Cassie revealed from City of Heavenly Fire. We will give a full TMI and TID spoiler warning before this discussion.
  • If we have time, we will end with a game!

Listen LIVE Wednesday, June 12 at 9pm ET by clicking here!

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Natasha @TFGeekGirl

If you made it to Book Expo America, what did you think of all of the Shadowhunter adventures? Does anything stand out to you that exists in both the TMI world and the TID world? Let us know what you think and we may read your comments during the podcast!

You can always suggest a discussion topic or game idea at our “Submit an Idea” page.