TMI Fandom Image Of The Day: Magnus Bane, ‘City Of Bones’

Today’s image of the day is Magnus Bane by rozetto on I love her depiction!



Magnus. From the Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Jean


Magnus. (From the Bane Chronicles written by cassandraclaresarahreesbrennan and maureenjohnsonbooks)

Here’s the link to CassandraJP’s tumblr

TMI Fandom Image Of The Day: Alec & Magnus

Here in our image of the day! Alec and Magnus by amayi-wt on



Image of the Day – The Mortal Instruments: Halloween by KatieCakes7



With special permission from KatieCakes7 on deviantART

Shadowhunters Stelecast Episode 25: Magnusficence at the Hotel Deux-mort


We’re going to use “Magnusficence” until Ellie can say it without flubbing!  Anyway, Tuesday brought in part 7 of The Bane Chronicles, and we see that Magnus Bane apparently can’t help but make another trip to Hotel Dumort, in The Fall of the Hotel Dumort.  Who could be there to lure him back after the tragedy of the last known experience he’s had there?  This time, it’s those bloody vampires again that drag him there, but which one?  Could it be a possible vampire baroness from generations past?  Or could it be a suave, forever teen-looking vampire of Latin descent?  (BTW, contrary to the what the title might suggest, I don’t know if any French-speaking characters will make an appearance in the story.)


Be warned!  Spoilers will abound on this latest foray into Magnus Bane’s life.

But before that, we’ll have some announcements of what’s going on in the Shadowhunter world, including a peak into The Shadowhunter’s Codex.

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Image of the Day – Malec: The Mortal Instruments


Haitest on deviantART

Image of the Day – The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Magnus Bane



deviantART by ~SahGlam29