The Fandom Praises The Mortal Instruments Cast

Not only was our admin and Shadowhunters Stelecast host Nat able to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, she had a brief opportunity to speak with Cassandra Clare, Harald Zwart, and the stars at a signing after the fact!

Seething jealousy aside, everyone here is thrilled for her! Check out this video of Nat sharing her thoughts on the movie with the cast:

A note from Nat:

Excuse my limited vernacular in the accolades and video recording. I was multi tasking and not doing a great job of it.


Kevin Durand in Toronto for ‘City of Bones’

Kevin Durand, who’s portraying Pangborn in City of Bones, was spotted in Toronto recently.  Here are some photos of him from Friday as he walked around Yorkville.


Thanks to TMI Source for the tip!

Fun new production still from the ‘City of Bones’ set

Check out this awesome new picture of director Harald Zwart and director of photography Geir Andreassen from the set of City of Bones! There have been tons of stills released from the set already, but this one has to be the funnest one yet, right?!

This came from The Mortal Instruments’ official Facebook page!

City of Bones Movie: Hotel Dumort Set

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones has mainly moved to indoor filming locations around Toronto. First, the cast and crew were working on scenes inside the club where the main characters first meet, Pandemonium. Now, they’ve moved on to the rescue and fight at Hotel Dumort!

Fans noted several extras in vampire makeup as well as many others wearing green screen bottoms. Perhaps werewolves?

Thanks to The Mortal Institute, @rheestacks, @BassicSeb, and @1I2bloodprincss!

Summer Movies Poll: Most Anticipated 2013 Summer Movie

Next Movie wants to know, which 2013 summer movie are we most excited about?  Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Star Trek 2, World War Z, or our very own The Mortal Instruments?

Well so far the results are astounding… The Mortal Instruments movie is slaying the competition winning %78.49 of votes!  This truly is the BEST FANDOM!  Head over to to cast your votes and check on the changing results.


Kevin Zegers Checking Wardrobe on City of Bones Set

Here’s a tumblr post of pictures that I haven’t seen yet.  It looks to be Kevin having a conversation with Jeff (not sure what his exact job title is) while checking on his wardrobe.  This was posted via Clarysrunes.

Day 6 Fan Pictures from the City of Bones Set

@MichelleMags has been on the frontlines trying to get us fans pictures from the set, and day 6 was no exception.  Most of the time, however, filming was indoors for the Pandemonium scene, and she, along with the rest that hung out there, were requested not to take pictures (don’t want to spoil everything, ya know).  But staying diligent, she was able to snag a few shots of the exterior and of Robert and Kevin when they came out, as well as a quick shot of Jamie and one of Elyas M’Barek, who’ll be playing the role of “Vampire Lieutenant.”

Jamie, hooded, and looking quite like Jace

For more pictures, check under the cut

Source: TMI Source

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