CITY OF BONES MOVIE: First day on set, more pictures

Are you guys excited? It’s finally happening! I can barely breathe and it’s only the first day of shooting. Here are some photos from on set that will make you squeal. (All photos are from

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‘City of Lost Souls’ on the subway!

How cool is this? We love it. EVERYONE needs to know about this book series. 🙂

Cassandra Clare:

Shadowhunters on the subway.

It’s always been a dream of mine to have subway ads for my books and for City of Lost Souls, we do! This was taken on the 7 train at Grand Central Station. Anyone who rides the 7, keep an eye out. 😉

Pictures of Shannon Kook as Magnus Bane

Here are some awesome photos of Shannon Kook (who seems to have auditioned for the role of Magnus Bane in City of Bones). Do you guys think he’d make a good Magnus? I sure know I do! You can find more of his ‘Magnus’ photos on his Facebook page.

Stills from ‘City of Lost Souls’ book trailer!

Here are some more stills from the book trailer for City of Lost Souls. The trailer should be out in the next couple of weeks! So excited! And Cassie said that the last picture IS Jace! Hey baby… (;

Question about Church

This morning Cassandra Clare answered a question about Church on her Tumblr (

Question: “Is Church the cat in TMI the same cat as in ID?”

Cassandra Clare: I guess it’s time to come clean. Church the cat in The Mortal Instruments is actually Tessa.

I can’t speak about the tragic events at the end of Clockwork Princess, but let’s just say that Tessa is left alone to fend for herself. She’s learned to transform into animals as well as people so she transforms into Church and hitches a ride with Magnus when he emigrates to New York. Disguised as a cat, she is safe from Mortmain and his evil minions, so she stays that way and moves into the Institute when she hears the Lightwoods are taking over since she remembers Gideon fondly, despite the incident with the hurdy-gurdy that made Sophie realize she could never love him.

When the Mortal War breaks out and the Lightwoods all leave Church behind Tessa realizes she still owes the Shadowhunters loyalty and follows Magnus to Idris to take part in the battle. That’s why she has her human form in the scene where Clary glimpses her at the end of Glass. The reason she looks familiar to Clary is that she has not completely transformed back and still has cat ears.

Also, many have asked what she and Magnus are discussing. Tessa knows Magnus owns a cat and is hoping he can convince the Lightwoods to change their brand of dry cat food.

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Happy April Fool’s Day! And also, happy birthday to the Weasley twins! )’:

Photo From ‘City of Lost Souls’ Book Trailer

Cassandra Clare:

Onset at the City of Lost Souls book trailer filmage. (Is filmage a word?) The director and the back of book-trailer Jace’s head. I don’t know who is playing Jace in the trailer, but he has nice hair. And a stylin’ sweater. Which fits, as City of Lost Souls Jace has fancier clothes than previous Jace.

Fan Art by kara-lija

“Heaven On Earth”

This artist, who is constantly noticed by Cassandra Clare herself, is crazy talented. To say that very least. We love kara-lija on deviantART!

From the artist (kara-lija):

Jace and Clary from Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments books.
The song that inspired this piece is Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” : [link]
One of the prettiest songs I’ve ever heard…
Drawn in Copics and india ink, with lighting done with Corel Photopaint 9

This is such beautiful art!

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